Monday, April 16, 2012

I'd Do Anything for This Girl

Remember Amber? My BFF? I got to spend a quick sec with her over the weekend. The occasion was the temple wedding of her oldest son, whom I also love, and the timing worked out perfectly, being the weekend before my Spring Break. I took the kids out of school for two days and we drove to St. George, Utah.

Amber is the epitome of composure. Even with fifty (or more) people in her house, craziness all around, and the emotions of her firstborn getting married, she is calm and graceful, ever the welcoming host. What's hers is everybody else's, and she makes everyone feel welcome and at ease. Her home is a gathering spot--for family, for friends, for displaced teenagers. I love being there. I feel fortunate to be included in her overflowing life. I know most of her family on both sides and they feel like my own family. I even know many of the teenage "regulars", her children's friends, and adopted kids from the neighborhood. It's a bustling, happy place, and it's always recharging for me to go, even for a quick visit. I love me some Amber.

Amber and Kevin hosted a dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant the evening before the wedding. They had rented the whole place, and we drove into town just a few minutes after the event started, so we went directly there. I was seated by Amber's sister, and we just picked up where we last left off, at least a year ago, maybe two. Amber's parents were happy to see us, and Kevin's parents were hugging and kissing me before I even realized where the love was coming from. The food was delicious, and as usual, I ate it all.

The sealing was the next morning at the St. George temple. I felt really privileged to be a part of the group, and be able to witness such a beautiful event. I am so, so proud of Alex, and already love his new bride, Brooke. She is a perfect complement to him, and he did well to choose her for eternity.

After pictures we all went back to Amber's to pass the afternoon. Huge quantities of pizza were consumed by the masses, and Conor and I snuck in a nap. In the evening, we headed over to the St. George Opera House for the reception, which was tasteful, modest, and elegant. Brooke has great taste.

The kids and I had to get on the road the next morning so that we could be home for Lyndsay's Senior Portrait session that we were able to squeeze in with a photographer that I've been wanting to use for over a year now. She's from UT, actually, and makes periodic trips to CA for portrait sessions. Initially, I was bummed that the weekend she was coming was the weekend I knew I'd be out of town, but we were able to figure out a schedule that worked. (And that was so much fun! I am super excited to see the pictures!)

So, it was a quick trip, but a fun one. I love being with my kids. They're great travel companions, and Conor never leaves silence alone. My heart was happy for Alex, and grateful for a little bit of time with Amber. Everyone should have a friend like that. I'm so lucky to have several, and I count each one a tremendous blessing.

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Luisa Perkins said...

I'm so glad it worked out that you could go! I love that Amber!