Monday, March 26, 2012

Prom Cuteness

I was already asleep when Lyndsay came into my bedroom. "Mom! Mom! Come here! Look out my bedroom window!" I got up in a sleepy stagger, wondering what on earth was wrong, a little panicked. "No, no, it's nothing bad. Jose asked me to prom! Look!" And when I looked through her window, I saw the driveway, all aglow with fire, questioning my sweet girl,

So cute! She was in bed when Jose texted her and told her to look out her window. She was delighted, which thrilled me, of course. This is for LDS Prom, which is this year being held at the California Science Center at the end of next month. Jose is not a member of our Church, but he's a really good friend and Lyndsay wanted to go with him. He agreed, and that was that, so when he made this sweet gesture, it really caught Lyns by surprise.

Lyndsay's friend, Kristen (who is also friends with Jose at school) is the one who helped Jose set the whole thing up to surprise Lyndsay. I'm really grateful to her for helping make Lyns feels so special. The dozen roses was a nice touch too.

So, there we all were, at almost midnight, giggling and happy over the cuteness of the whole thing. This is Lyndsay's last prom, and Kristen wanted it to be extra special for her. (Thank you, Kristen!) It was especially funny when the neighbor that we share the driveway with poked her head out the door to see what was going on. I apologized in case we'd woken her, but she said, no, she wasn't asleep. She'd just walked by the window and seen all this fire in the driveway. Then she came back out to take a picture herself! The happiness was contagious!

So a few days later, to officially give Jose an answer, Lyndsay ordered a pizza, uncut, with the word YES written on it in pepperoni and olives. She drove over to his house with it, knocked on the door and said, "Special delivery for Jose!"

I guess the Prom is on! I love it when my kids are happy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Goings On

Yesterday I received a most polite email from a blogger in Italy, asking permission to translate one of my posts into Italian for her readers. Well, shoot. Of course! It's funny, really, because even before I saw the post she wanted, I knew. I knew because this one post--my Summer Fun: Ecosystem Edition post--has lately been drawing hundreds and hundreds of readers every single day for the last several months. I think people keep linking to it and it's making its rounds. Which is fine by me. I mean, it wasn't my original idea, but I gave credit where due, and it is probably one of the coolest things I've ever done with my kids, so let's spread the joy! And now, I'm in Italian!

For those of you who saw this on Facebook, I apologize for the redundancy, but this whole thing is inspiring to me. Lyndsay registered for a Drawing/Painting class this last semester of high school. Throughout her four years she's taken only required, demanding, academic classes, and having just a short time left, she decided to try a "fun" class. Now, for those who know my family, we have an interesting dynamic going on. My mother is an extremely talented artist. Not just in one medium, in anything she touches. Oils, charcoal, clay, fabric, you name it. I am told she got her talent from her father, though I didn't know him well enough to see that. Her mother is also creative and artistic too, though, the craftsy type.

Well, my mother had nine children, and of the nine, only the boys got her artistic talent. (Yes, the girls can cook and sew and bake and make cute stuff, and that's important too, but you know what I mean.) Two of my brothers are very accomplished comic book artists, one world-reknowned, and another brother is a very talented painter. With my children, Dylan is a natural artist, and has always loved to draw. He's quite good. I think his ability may have gotten under Lyndsay's skin just a bit, wondering, "Why can't I do that?" So, in true Lyndsay fashion, she decided to find out if, maybe, indeed she could.

This is what cracks me up about Lyndsay. The answer is always, "Yes. She can."

The assignment was to get a photograph of a person and then an object in real life that is meaningful to that person. Lyndsay chose the above photo of Conor, and his little Luke Skywalker action figure. She had never drawn a face before, and thought she would "try". So, she sat down at the dining room table, and this is what she drew:

Which totally took my breath away! In fact, she had a black and white copy of the photograph taped to a piece of paper, and I literally stopped in my tracks walking by the table because I couldn't believe what she'd done! Amazing.

What I love is that she had no idea she could draw. She's always been creative and crafty, but I love that "just for fun" she stumbled on a new talent that she has, and one that brings her so much happiness. I think she's really impressed with herself that she can actually draw. And I'm so relieved that a female has finally displayed my mother's gene!

Her next project is going to be this photo, first in an abstract painting assignment, and then hopefully in pencil. This is my gorgeous grandmother, my mother's mother:

Stay tuned!

Other updates: Conor came home from school with chest pains yesterday, but I believe it was due to a broken heart from missing his mom. This is one smart kid. Nobody argues with chest pains. He's found the loophole!

Aiden will ride his 50 miler this Saturday, and we've made sure his tookus is sufficiently cared for with a memory foam bike seat.

I am adjusting to my new school schedule and having fun being back with my clinical group.

Life is mostly good.