Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Perpetuum mobile

(~perpetual motion)

First off, I just want to say that I love the Gosselin family and the new Discovery Health Channel special about them, "Jon and Kate plus 8". This is the family that had a set of twins and then in an attempt to get "just one more" ended up with sextuplets. So, now they have eight children under the age of 6. Two six-year-olds, and six two-year-olds. I've read some online message boards and I am saddened to see so many people hacking up Kate. She is definitely a (self-described) control freak. I don't agree with everything she does or how she does it, but I love watching this family! I TiVo it every Tuesday night (because it's opposite American Idol). I cannot imagine handling the load that she wakes up to every single day, and I think people are way too critical of her, but I don't want to discuss that here. I like watching moms at work, especially moms of large families, because it makes me want to be a better mom. I like that Discovery and Discovery Health pay tribute to "professional" moms, and moms of large families. I am also a huge fan of the Duggar family (with the 17 children). I watch these moms and it makes me want to be better. I look around my house and at my children and I see them differently. I see my job as The Mom differently and with a little more enthusiasm and reverence, and it makes me laugh a bit more at life. I also like that Kate and Jon are so opposite of each other, but that they have found a style of working together to get it done. It may not be my way, but I like that they can be so different, and still in love. But that's a post for another day.

There are six children growing up in the walls I call home. They keep me hopping. They are each vastly different and I like them in varying degrees each day. I woke up so happy this morning and went to get the baby up for scripture study. He is a constant distraction, but he's part of the family, so he's always invited. Two of the kids fought over the "Papa Chair", and that sour-ness ruined my mood. Why are we fighting over a CHAIR, people? We are too good to sit on the couch with the peasant folk and must sit on the throne, for heaven's sake? But we carried on, and I faked a good mood as we began our study of the Old Testament today. We finished the Book of Mormon yesterday (first time for three of our kids).

We are completely out of breakfast staples. No milk, eggs, butter. So breakfast was tricky and I pretty much piecemealed it before running out the door with fussy baby and two boys headed for public school #1. Adam took the other two kids to public school #2. Lyndsay stayed here to begin her homeschooling. I walked Aiden to his class, Dylan to his, and then headed to the auditorium with fussy baby to preview the much-anticipated "Puberty Movie" which will be shown to the 5th grade today. I had to compile my list of embarrassing questions to ask Dylan when I pick him up this afternoon. He knows me well, so he knows what's coming. Tee hee. Fortunately, fussy baby fell asleep, and didn't hear me snickering when one of the fathers of a 5th grade son proudly proclaimed this his son "doesn't have a clue" about reproduction or sex whatsoever. I took him aside later and told him what the 5th grade boys are discussing these days and that he better jump in the game.

Now I'm home, baby is napping still, and laundry calls. From every single room. Kind of like when the kids are home and my name is being called. At least the laundry can be folded and put into drawers and stay quiet and clean for a while. I'll go do that and feel a sigh of relief that hopefully lasts just long enough before all the kids come home, homework begins, and piano lessons start. Then dinner, then showers, then clean-up, and then maybe, just maybe Sanjaya will get kicked off of American Idol tonight! Well, I can hope for perfection!


Jacquie said...

When I 1st saw the "Jon and Kate" story they seemed a little disconnected, when I guess it is quite understandanle.

I watched the "tummy tuck" episode the other night and things looked better. The sextuplets are adorable.

I have PCOS and am ever so grateful we had single births when we used the drugs. Six babies oh my would have been unbeleivable.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine having so many little ones. I would check it out but I can't tivo and I can't miss American Idol! :) I was just telling my husband that he needs to plan a little trip with my 4th grade boy to go into all that fun stuff...I wonder if he gets a video in 5th grade...I wonder if I could learn something by watching?Thanks for your sweet comment by the way!

Julie Q. said...

I have never seen this show but now I want to put it on my list of things I'll get around to watching this summer when life is a little less chaotic (or so I hope).

Thanks for stepping forth and commenting on my blog (especially just after the thought had crossed my mind "I'm not sure anything I have to say is really all that interesting to anyone.")

And, I'm especially glad you commented because now I get to see your blog and I'm enjoying it so much (wow, those bees are amazing). As for your public school frustrations, oh, have I been there! Good luck with homeschool next year. I saw that you like Well Trained Mind. It was my bible for homeschool even though if I did everything in there I'd be dead from exhaustion by now.

Anyway, sorry about the marathon comment. It's always fun for me to find a well-written, thoughtful new blog to feed my addiction. I'll be back to hear more. Did I mention I love the latin titles? Love them.

Saint Holiday said...

I've had trouble posting to your blog lately. I write a witty comment and try to post it, but it disappears. O well. I am enjoying your writing. I wish I could sit in on your Old Testament studies. That's my very favorite of all our scriptures. It was the Lord's scripture during His mortal time. I've read many denigrations of that collection of 39 books, but they just do not ring true for me. They are sacred and historical and relevant and very inspiring. I am pleased that you are introducing your children to the exalted language and the faith-promoting stories of the Old Testament. Bless your heart!