Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Finish the Sentence Meme

In this meme, that I snagged from Kathleen, all you do is finish each sentence.

I've come to realize that my ex is:
Not as perfect for me as I'd always thought.

I am listening to:
My kids eating breakfast downstairs. And rollerskating in the kitchen. Can't get mad at them for that one....they learned it from me!

I talk:
Many times when I shouldn't, and often for too long. But not deeply enough.

I love:
Books. Kitchen stores. Homeschooling. The color red. Clean, high thread-count sheets, sparkling bathrooms, the smell of vanilla and coconut, a really good haircut, when my jeans are loose, reading to my kids, snuggling with a baby fresh from the tub, to buy things for other people.

I lost:
I never (never say 'never'...hardly ever) lose anything. Except maybe hope sometimes, and my mind. But I'll find that too.

I hate it when:
I have to dust, fold laundry, or clean bathrooms. When I don't have harmony in my marriage, or when I bounce a check.

Love is:
My goal in life. To give it, to have it, to feel it.

Marriage is:
A mystery to me.

Somewhere there is:
Enough for all of us.

I'll always be:
The oldest child in the family, and all that that entails. There's no breaking free from that stereotype, and how it's shaped my personality.

I have a [little] crush on:
hmmmmm......I'm drawing a blank.

The last time I cried was:
A few nights ago.

My cell phone is:
Ruined, thanks to my slobbering baby.

When I wake up in the morning:
I try to always be cheerful when I greet my children.

Before I go to sleep at night:
I like to watch a few episodes of "Everybody Loves Raymond".

Right now I am thinking about:
How to best help Dylan with his writing assignment, when we should schedule our early Christmas with the kids before they leave, how to squeeze in a nap today, and where else I can canvas for a few more piano students.

Babies are:
Not little for long enough.

I get on myspace:
Never. I am not a fan.

Today I:
Went to the grocery store early in the morning to get enchilada sauce and black beans so that I can make dinner for my friend who is on bedrest for pregnancy complications.

Tonight I will:
Teach piano lessons and then watch a Christmas movie with the kids while Adam works.

Tomorrow I will:
Do everything I have to do today over again. (Doesn't it feel like that sometimes?)

I really want to:
Write my book(s).

The person who is most likely to repost this:
I hope it's Hannah.


Luisa Perkins said...

Fun meme! Which Christmas movie will you watch?

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

What a lovely way to get to know you better! We love the same things. Except homeschooling, but only because I haven't had a chance to try. =)

Angela said...

Not sure what a meme is... but I loved learning more about you! I sometimes have a hard time remembering the little things that make me smile, thanks for reminding me of some of my favorites!

Sarah said...

This is a cute idea, Jenna. I'm going to copy, eventually. I'm currently mid-project and hope to be done before Friday with what I'm up to...so keep your eye open for my post. =)

Annette Lyon said...

I learned more about you--how fun! Didn't know you taught piano.