Sunday, December 2, 2007

Through the Eyes of a Child

I love my ornament collection. It is so dear to my heart. I'll be sharing some favorites this month, but by far my sweetest ornament is also my oldest. I made it when I was 4 years old, in Sunbeams class. It's a salt dough baby Jesus in his manger, and as a child, I remember licking it each Christmas to taste the salt. Weird and random, I know, but a Christmas memory nonetheless. I've grown out of that tradition (at least as far as I'm admitting), but every year it warms my heart to carefully place it on my tree. It makes me feel like a child again.

Here are two of my journal entries from that year: (I drew and dictated, mom was the scribe. Obviously (not) I was blessed with her extraordinary artistic talent.)

This one, dated 24 Dec. 1977 says, "We had a special Christmas show. I liked it. I played Mary. I rode my donkey. Joseph was surprised when I had my new baby." (they always are, right?)

And then this one, from Christmas Day, 1977:

"We're having a happy time together. We don't want a sad family in our happy Christmas. Josiah got an Inch-Worm and I got My Friend Mandy." (how I loved that doll! Many years later I got the newer version of My Friend Jenny, and my sister Amanda got My Friend Mandy. It fit better that way.)


Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

What a sweet post and such fun memories. My sister had all the My Friend dolls. She literally wore them out. I had Holly Hobbie, and literally loved her to pieces.

Luisa Perkins said...

How sweet! I love that you have all your old journals.

Angela said...

So fun to remember things from your childhood. I never liked dolls growing up.. I know wierd! I preferred playing school and playing cars with my brothers. :)

I know you said that you no longer lick the ornament, but I bet one of the kids do!!