Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things to Be Grateful For

I heard a great quote in church today. The speaker said something like, "a grateful heart is the first step to greatness." I think this stood out to me so much because it's so easy for me to see all the things that are going wrong right now in my life, and all of the things that I wish could be different. But I do need to see that in the midst of storms, I am blessed.

1. I have a van! And I have this van because of the extreme generosity and kindness of friends and strangers. One friend loaned me the money to get it, and another friend gave up two days of her precious time to drive me all over Los Angeles looking at vans and helped me inspect and test drive them. The two brothers who owned the dealership where I ended up buying the van took special compassion on me and made it possible for me to buy this particular vehicle. And they filled the gas tank for me, just to be kind, and they told me to come for free oil changes, and that anything I needed, they would take care of me. It's a long story, but they were angels to me, and it was a miracle. And now I have a van!

2. My children love me. And not just love me, they are fiercely loyal and protective of me. I am undeserving of such devotion, but I am strengthened by it, and so grateful. I never want them to grow up and leave my nest.

3. Somehow I can keep forgiving. Somehow I can keep loving. I am so grateful for this about myself because the alternative, a life of bitterness and misery, seems so unappealing.

4. I sold another article! Maybe two, and that money will come in handy for Christmas.

5. An old, old friend from my past, a girl who used to torment me and tease me all through elementary, junior high, and high school till she moved, contacted me on Facebook, and apologized. Sincerely. What a difference "I'm sorry" makes. If only everyone knew that.


YogaNana said...

I'm glad for all your gratefuls and very relieved that you've got wheels! Congrats on the sales! Wondering who the repentant old tormentor is, of course ....

Josi said...

I love that quote, and need to repeat it often. Congrats on the van, I love mine, and overdue apologies are priceless. Best of luck.

Wonder Woman said...

I decided to get grateful yesterday, too. (When I type that word, I have to be careful that I don't type great-ful. Coincidence?)

YAY for the van!!!! Very exciting, and it sounds like a lot of angels pitched in. Awesome.

Luisa Perkins said...

You have a van!!!!!!

You're on Facebook?

Abby said...

Ya know, just the other day I was talking to O about how I wish something great would happen for you in terms of a van..a much needed one. And what do you know! You up and got one! Yay for you! Horray! Now you can be a member of my van gang.

It's good to feel thankful, isn't it? To be able to stare at your babies, for example, and just get twinkly eyed because you're just so dang thankful for them.

I love you, Jenna. Now, I want to see pictures of this new ride!

Annette Lyon said...

A VAN!!! Yay, yay, yay!!!

Angela said...

Congrats on selling a couple articles.. and like Luisa said..

you are on facebook? I have been thinking about it but haven't had the energy to sign up etc.. I know I have several friends that keep bugging me. Is it really worth the extra time?