Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hygiene Kits

One of my goals in 2009 is to have fully equipped 72 hour kits for each family member, as well as a Family Kit that would hold all extras needed to survive should an emergency arise that would force us from our home. I lived through a week-long evacuation during the Rodeo-Chedeski Fire in 2002, and I now live in an earthquake zone, so I am under no delusions that such situations 'could never happen to me'. And while I pray that they don't, I feel much more peace knowing that come what may, I am prepared. Should an earthquake, fire, or other natural disaster occur, I do not want to have to look my children in the eyes and see their fear, knowing that I could have helped make such a time easier and more comfortable for them.

I've read several great survival/preparedness handbooks recently and have made a list of everything I'd like us to have ready. Slowly, but surely, I've been adding to our supply and crossing things off the list. I'll post more about that another time, but today I wanted to share the Hygiene Kits that the kids and I assembled over Spring Break.

We went to Target and stocked up on travel-sized products. I'd been collecting toothbrushes that I'd either gotten for free with coupons, or for $.25 or .50 over the months. Then I added a washcloth. I realize I could have saved some money buying one large bottle of shampoo/conditioner, one tube of toothpaste, etc, but my goal is to have each kit be fairly self-sufficient, should for some unforeseen reason the family become separated.

We brought home the loot from Target (which, in making 8 kits, was quite a pile) and Aiden and Dylan organized it all into categories for our assembly line. I used gallon-sized Zip-locs, with the names written on them, and Conor was our helper in dropping each item into each bag.

Everyone has the basics, but the kits are a little personalized: the girls have conditioner in addition to shampoo, and Adam has shaving cream. The girls and I have razors and sanitary needs, and Conor has special baby lotion and baby sunblock since his skin is more sensitive. He also has baby toothpaste and a toddler toothbrush. I have a small sewing kit in mine, just in case. The only thing I haven't added to the hygiene kits yet is a comb or brush, but that's coming. Also, Lyns and I want mascara in our kits. If our house falls down around us, mascara can make the difference between forced cheerfulness and complete despair. I'm not kidding. This kit will be tucked into the backpacks that contain the food/water/clothing and other supplies.

It was a fun family project, and it's amazing how involved the kids got. Several of them commented on how good they felt having these kits ready, and how thankful they were that we were making sure to be prepared. My plan is to give them their backpack 72 hour kits when they leave home, so they'll always have them.

What's in our kits:

bar of soap
extra ziploc to hold a wet washcloth
small first aid kit (larger more complete one will be in the Family Kit)
shaving cream (for the men)
hand sanitizer
Baby kit has powder, diapers, wipes, baby sunblock, baby lotion, and baby shampoo, and toddler toothpaste/toothbrush. The girls have sanitary needs.


Megan said...

You could try the ELF mascara. It's cheap and easy to store like that.

I need to update our kits. I try to check that stuff every 6 months (every General Conference) and replenish what is too old as well as updating sizes (diapers) and needs. Unfortunately for us this year, I wasn't even home Conference weekend and haven't gotten around to it...

Abby said...

I love this, Jenna! You just keep inspiring me to do a better job at being prepared!

Love you!

Sarah said...

Great idea! I need to do this. I also need to work on our food storage. Sadly I haven't started it. I need a swift kick in the you know what!

Rachel Sue said...

That is awesome. I have been thinking about getting out 72 hour kits together for a long time, and just haven't. Need to get it done!

LB said...

Don't forget the never thought of...zerox copies of everyone's Birth Certificates, Drivers Licenses, Social Security cards and Passports (if they have them). We have also done actual dog tags for all and put them in the kits.
We are now our Stake preparedness leaders, and have this stuff down to a science, if you need any help or advice, don't hesitate to call and ask dear niece type.
Uncle L

Saint Holiday said...

What, no chocolate?

Lorrie said...

Good idea to add mascara,shaving gear, etc. I don't think we usually consider the emotional side of an emergency situation enough. A small thing like mascara and a comb to help improve your appearance can also go a long way to improving your outlook. Great job!