Monday, May 11, 2009


Forgive me. I fear my blog has become rather self-indulgent lately, but I just can't help it! I had such a fun week last week, even with some trials in the background, that I simply must focus on the abundance.

Because of busy schedules, my family birthday party was postponed to Sunday, and combined with Mother's Day. I got a huge surprise when I came downstairs Monday morning and found my birthday present from Adam sitting on the kitchen counter. A new blender extraordinaire! Yay! It has twice the wattage as my old cheapie blender, and double the capacity! Plus, it can convert to two 16oz. smaller blenders for individual sized shakes. I'm a smoothie fan, so this was great news to me. My old blender always left chunks of ice and smelled like it was about to explode from the effort. So, of course, we had smoothies for breakfast! I love my new blender!

Aiden gave me his darling little gift and card that he made at school. So cute! He also gave me a potted plant that he made for me in cub scouts. Such a sweetie he is!

I taught a lesson on mothers in Young Womens, which went fairly well, I think. (I'm always glad to get the lesson behind me. Check something off the overflowing mental list, even though I love teaching.)

I got to take a glorious nap in the afternoon, while my children laid around me on the bed watching 7th Heaven.

For dinner we had my favorite birthday meal, taco salad, made by Lyndsay.

And my favorite angel food with strawberries and whipped cream cake, made by Lyndsay.

Dylan led me on a small scavenger hunt, leading to a beautiful letter he'd written for me telling me of his love and appreciation, and with one of my favorite Abraham Lincoln quotes on the envelope. From a teenage boy, it melted my heart. I love that he can express emotions so easily, and I love that he loves his mom unabashedly. Moms need that.

Conor (and his Daddy) presented me with beautiful flowers and a card signed by everyone with loving notes.

Lyndsay, bless her heart, gave me a handmade card with the absolute sweetest letter written inside. I cried and cried while reading it. She is a perfect child, I'm telling you. I don't know what I'd do without so much love from my children. I seriously don't. She also, for Mother's Day, arranged with her boss (the triplets' mom) to give me a hair cut and color! I'm so excited, and ready for change!

Then, she gave me my birthday gift, which took my breath away. She is such a thoughtful gift giver! She gave me a mother's necklace with my birthstone at the top, and the birthstones of each of my children and stepchildren hanging as charms from the heart. I could not believe it! I've wanted something like that for so very long, and she did it all without my knowledge! (with a little help from stepdad, Adam.)

I am so, so lucky. We ended the night with a little photo shoot for fun, and a game of Pictionary, girls against the boys. We won again. But hey, it was Mother's Day!


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

What a beautiful day of feeling loved and cherished that must have been for you. It warms the heart!

Heidi said...

I'm sure you deserved every precious drop of it!

Josi said...

Ahhhh, that's awesome. What a great day. I'm glad you shared it with us.

Luisa Perkins said...

Riches! I love it.

Sarah said...

Aww! What a perfect ending to a week all about you!

Love the necklace! I may have to drop a hint to Josiah that I'd like one for myself.

Wonder Woman said...

That necklace is gorgeous. I've never seen a mother's necklace I love so much.

I'm glad you had such a great Mother's Day. You definately deserve it!

* said...

what a beautiful family you have. The quote by Lincoln brought tears to my eyes. You are one lucky mama.

Misty said...

so beautiful Jenna, but if anyone deserves such spoiling, it is you!

Angela said...

Your kids are darling! How sweet they all made you cards with heartfelt thoughts in them. You are such a great mom! I aspire to be like you one day. Thanks for being a great example! Love you!

BTW: I have a giveaway on my blog, I would hate for you to miss out I know you would LOVE her book. It ends today.