Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Saved

Well, this was going to be a nice post about how Thanksgiving was almost ruined and how grateful I am for my children who saved the day. I had this lovely little thing all typed up about how holidays are not always cozy and blessed and how my heart aches for those who carry around holiday sadness. I had also written about how thankful I am that my mother taught me how to properly "do" a holiday, and with that power, nobody can screw up my day, because a properly done holiday conquers all negativity. Now, I had all of this typed up, and then I lost it somehow when I added the pictures and started moving things around. Computer problems are a sore inconvenience, but really, the least of my worries. So, rather than scrap the whole post, I give you Random Thanksgiving Pictures All Out of Order Because I'm Sick of Trying to Make This Post Work.


Here are the kids tearing up the bread for the stuffing. It's the first chore of the morning, while Mom is baking the pies.

Then the children make their apple gumdrop turkeys, just as my mother did with us. And no matter how old the kids get, it's just not Thanksgiving without making turkeys.

(See, here the kids are with their cups of eggnog, making their apple gumdrop turkeys. This picture should have been first, before the finished products. Then again, if you look closely, you'll see a carved up turkey in the background, because this year we actually made our turkeys after dinner. . .but I can't get the pictures to cooperate.)

Aiden set our lovely table this year.

Lyndsay made her delicious Lion House Rolls.

Dylan was initiated into his new role as Chief Turkey Carver. Manhood at is finest. He did a terrific job.

(Again, this picture should have been up there, with the other roll picture.)
And here's our Thankgiving banner. We made this for a Family Home Evening, each of us decorating a few letters in the word and then littering it with blessings and things we are grateful for. We hung it at the top of the stairs, and we've been adding to it as we pass by or think of other things we are thankful for. I kind of like it there and will probably leave it up for a while, with the plan to bring it back out each year and add to it.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I've decided not to become frustrated about the lack of perfection in this post. I'm just dealing with it.

And now, to put up the tree!


Heidi said...

You are mega ambitious! I hate posts and pictures that don't cooperate--I hope the day just gets better and better for you.

Piper of Love said...

Arg, that's such a bummer! But of course, you handled the horror of losing writings with amazing grace.

Your photos are edible, and full of kissable faces.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, one whom I am most thankful for <3

ps. Jackson has the same gray shirt that Dylan is wearing.. OMG ;)


Andrea said...

Love the banner. What a great idea.

amber watt said...

You're amazing! Enough said.


Sarah said...

I love this Thanksgiving banner idea! I think I'm going to borrow it! Love the pics! Looks like you had a great day!

Cynthia said...

The food looks yummy and I love the gumdrop turkey idea!

I had the same 'techincal issue' today too. Gah! My post took forever because I had to go into html mode and cut and paste things to move them around. I couldn't move my pictures OR paste in compose mode. Such a pain! I hope it's a temporary glitch.

YogaNana said...

I LOVE seeing the apple turkeys cropping up in the blogs! :o) Also like the banner idea.

Be seeing you all soon! YAY!!!!!

Hannah said...

Oh those rools look scrumptious!

Hannah said...

I meant rolls, of course.

Misty said...

LOVE the banner.... loved this post. But seriously, it all looks lovely- whatever nightmares there were before. You are a gem, Jenna!