Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Would I do with all my Time?

If I didn't have children, didn't get to be a mother, here are some of the things I wouldn't have gotten to do over the weekend:


7:30am: Let Dylan stay home from school because he just didn't feel "all that good", and I figured the kid's got straight A's and next week is Spring Break, so let him bum it at home with me. We bought him some iPod downloads from Amazon, and then he took a shower and decided he felt much better, so would I drive him to school? I could take that a number of ways, but I'm sticking with "he's just so responsible," rather than, "Mom's so boring school is a better option."

10:30am: Drive Dylan to school.

11:00am: Take Conor to speech therapy with Miss Lacey. Sit in the incredibly boring, restrictive waiting room and read Vogue and wonder what the point is.

12:00pm: Drive home, put Conor down for a nap. Begin work on Vanilla Pudding Cinnamon Rolls. My stepson Sean's favorite, and yesterday was his birthday, so I made a batch just for him. That took most of the afternoon, in between lots of other things.

1:30pm: Help Lyndsay finish packing for her backpacking/camping trip with the Stake to pass off a Girls Camp requirement. Good thing I precooked her foil dinner the night before!

3:00pm: Laugh at how tiny Lyns looks under the hugeness of her pack, when she's only going to be gone for 20 hours. Wonder if she'll make it.

3:20pm: Drive Lyns over to the drop-off spot. Stop at the grocery store on the way home to buy disposable baking pans to put the cinnamon rolls in.

4:30pm: Dylan meets with the Boy Scouts to go golf 9 holes for his Golf merit badge.

5:00pm: Try to get some studying done for my exam in the morning, when I suddenly realize that Aiden is supposed to prepare and lead two games for the kids at the Primary Activity Day in the morning to pass off a requirement for his Cub Scouting Religious Knot. Darn. Comb internet idea sites. Decide on two.

6:30pm: Cinnamon rolls are baked and frosted. Card is signed. Load up Aiden and Conor in the car and drive over to Sean's mom's house to surprise him with his birthday treat. Give hugs and kisses and "I can't believe you're 12!" and load up boys back into car.

7:00pm: Stop at Rite Aid to buy plastic eggs and spoons for Aiden's games.

7:30pm: Feed boys cinnamon rolls and milk for dinner. Not really care. Type up directions for Aiden's games in case I don't make it back from my class in time.

8:30pm: Put boys to bed. Think about Lyndsay and wonder if her foil dinner was delicious, if she has blisters, and if she is freezing. Can she put up a tent in the dark?


5:15am: Wake up and shower. Do some last minute studying over a bowl of oatmeal while kids still sleep.

6:30am: Head out to Pasadena for class and my exam.

10:30am: Finish exam, rush back home to make it to the Primary Easter Activity. This is Conor's first one. I told him it was a "Sunbeam party", and he was only marginally confused when there were no balloons or cake. Hang around and chat with moms in between helping/refereeing/telling one of my boys to behave. Help Aiden (but not too much, he did great) lead two games with the kids.

12:30pm: Get home. Lyndsay's in the shower. When she gets out, I listen to all the fun details of her hike and camping trip. Wish I could have gone. She's terrific.

1:00pm: Put Conor down for a nap. Put in a load of dishes, wash counters, sweep floor. Put in a load of laundry. Change cat litter. Water bunny. Water garden. Read funny book. Fall asleep for about 30 minutes.

LAZY HOURS!!! I should be studying, but NO! NOTHING!

And in an hour, I take Lyns to the Stake Center for the General YW Broadcast and dinner. That will be nice. They always are.

Tomorrow? Well, tomorrow is Sunday! A day of. . .ha ha ha. . .rest? Yeah, right!


Cynthia said...

Sounds like a fun, crazy weekend. I, too, wonder how I'd fill my time if I didn't have kids. And then I realize I'd have NO PROBLEM doing that- I have tons of interests. For me, it's good that I DO have kids- I'm the kind who'd be pretty selfish if I only ever had to think of my own wants/needs. It would sure be nice for a little while though!

Luisa Perkins said...

Oh, don't I know it?

It's fun to get a little snapshot of your life. xoxoox

Blending Families said...

It would be a bit boring not having children to take care of and make your weekends crazy lol.

Braden Bell said...

Oh my. Things are crazy, aren't they? That sounds a lot like the kind of weekends we have. I know the day will come when we have an empty house and miss all the activity--so I try to enjoy it. Still, I can't help wondering if there could be a more happy medium :)

Misty said...

it sounds just exactly as it should... you are such a good momma!

YogaNana said...

Oh, I think you could find plenty to do ... :o)

Heidi said...

You are amazing. Really. I have loved meeting women via blogging and it is so inspiring to run into people like you who deal with so much yet do so much for others.