Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthday Backstory

It's 7:04am and I'm sitting on the couch uploading photos for this post. Lyndsay just came downstairs dressed for a run. She heads out the door. And then I realize: I forgot to wish her a happy birthday. Darn it. But then again, we've been celebrating her birthday for days.

Last year, if you remember, we did the whole Spa Party thing. When it was over, we immediately started thinking about what we should do for the big 16 party, and after attending a friend's, she knew. Universal City Walk. (A plus, that it's easier for mom.)

On Saturday, Lyndsay invited her three besties to celebrate with her. She asked them to wear dresses. We picked them up and headed for City Walk, which is right next to Universal Studios. We ate dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.

I loved sitting at the table with the four of them, listening to their stories and their fits of laughter at inside jokes. There was a bus boy walking back and forth that immediately caught Lyndsay's attention. He was cute. Super cute. I saw on his name badge that his name was Alexey. "He must be Russian," I said. And Lyndsay said, "Oh, imagine if he has this amazing accent!"

Which is how it all began.

"Would you like me to call him over here to wish you a happy birthday?" I offered. The whole table eagerly nodded heads.

"Yes!" Lyndsay said. "Yes! Yes!"

So, I called him over, and I told him it was her birthday, and as he wished her sincerest birthday wishes, their fondest wish did come true. He indeed had a Russian accent. Lyndsay was in heaven. And slightly blushing.

She was all a flutter when he walked away. So I pushed my luck. "Do you want me to ask him to take a picture with you?" I offered. And actually, to my surprise, she nodded frantically, without saying a word. She was without words. So, I called him back, told him he was so cute, and asked if he would please take a picture with Lyndsay. He seemed confused, in a humble sort of way, but obliged. And that made Lyndsay's night.

After that event, the waitress called Lyndsay up in front of the entire packed house and yelled out to all the hard rockers that it was her birthday. "Let's all wish Lyndsay a happy birthday!" she yelled. The entire restaurant obliged. It was perfectly embarrassing. Then, she was given an ice cream sundae, which we all shared.

After the Hard Rock, after Lyndsay tore her gaze away from Alexey, we walked around City Walk, stopping in various shops. Here are the girls in It's Sugar!, in front of a giant Marilyn Monroe made completely of jelly beans.

I had Lyndsay stand in front of the candy and said, "Let's take a picture! Your sweet 16, get it?" In that moment, I had the idea for her birthday cake. And I bought the lollipops and candy here that I would later use. Inspiration!

We went to Fossil, one of our favorite too-expensive stores, and tried on sunglasses.

And then we hit the Walk again.

For their party gift, I told each girl she could choose a bracelet at one of the stands. I took a seat and waited, because you know what's worse than one girl trying to make a decision? Four girls trying to make a decision.

Lyndsay and her best friend chose the matching bracelets, and Kristen (in the middle) chose this leather one. Emily chose a peace sign necklace.

After all the walking around, Lyndsay wanted to go to Yogurtland for dessert. This is the best place ever invented. You get a cup, fill it with any (or all!) of about 20 flavors of yogurt, add any (or all!) of about a million toppings, and then you pay $0.39 an ounce for your masterpiece. After the frozen yogurt, we watched the live concert outside, a girl band called BG5. Walked around a little more, and then called it a night.

Lyndsay was so happy, so grateful, so content. And so in love with Alexey.

Because her birthday falls on a Tuesday and we have YW on Tuesday night, we decided to have her family party on Monday. I worked all day in between piano lessons on her cake, the Sweet 16 theme. Lyndsay helped me by making and coloring the fondant for me since I'm having pain in my fingers and wrists lately. We had all the kids for dinner, and I made Lyndsay's favorite: Barbecued Chicken. And mashed potatoes, zucchini, and steamed carrots.

Here's the finished cake! It was much cuter in real-life. The fondant candies were brushed with sparkle dust, as was the cherry on top of the cupcake. So cute!

The lollipops were so heavy, so I took them out until it was time to blow out the candles.

That's a lot of fire! Hurry! The entire cake is melting!

My Sweet Lyns. Sixteen years old today! (And so ready to date!) Happy Birthday, love! I meant it when I told you that you are the best daughter heaven ever made! I love you!


Braden Bell said...

Great cake, Jenna! I'm laughing about the whole Alexy thing. That cracked me up. So glad I'm not 16 again!

Anonymous said...

Just amazing! Way to go, Jenna. That cake is superbatastic! Lyndsay is amazing, and you made her feel it even more.


YogaNana said...

Happy Birthday to my oldest grandchild and congratulations to her mother, my oldest child.
Oh, my goodness, the years go by!

Looks like the party was a great success!

Abby said...

The cake is ADORABLE! Ahh!! Such talent! You and Hannah really need to open a bakery!

I'm weepy about Lynds turning 16..and I'm only her aunt. I can just imagine what her mother must be feeling! I love you!

Happy birthday, Lyndsay! Sweetest of the sweet!

Hannah said...

That really looks like so much fun. I love that picture of you and her on the walk. You both look so gorgeous.

Happy Birthday Pins!!

Turleygirl said...

What a fun day for a 16 yr old girl! Oh and what a fun Mom you are!!!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

What a fabulous birthday for your sweet girl!