Thursday, March 24, 2011

Laugh it Up

I'm laughing a lot these days. Like a weight has been lifted from my heart, and there's no string holding it to earth, it just keeps floating away with laughter. I'm not even sure what's so funny, but I love it. Laughing has to be up there in my top 3 favorite things (my children being lumped into one thing, of course.)

I hope to be able to have a decently nice camera one day soon. But fortunately, a friend that Adam works with loaned him his camera while he is away in Europe, so we've been having fun getting some pictures of the kids and the family. I got my hair cut last week, and Adam was all up in it with the camera. But he wouldn't stop making me laugh. Actually, he wasn't trying to make me laugh, but he is just so funny. He just strikes me as hilarious, probably because he is so subtle.

My favorite shot is the one above when I lost it again during the family picture and all of the kids start reacting to my laughing. I love how contagious laughter is.

But, finally, we---I---pulled it together, and we snapped a few family pictures, and even got a few of me (and the other kids.) It's kind of strange looking at close-up pictures of yourself as you get older. It's weird to see the morphing change taking over your face (and body), when inside you feel like you just walked out of the high school doors.

But overall, I like those changes. Especially the laugh lines.


Southern said...

Great pictures of a gorgeous family and a beautiful woman. Great pictures. Thanks for the update. Keep smiling.

Hannah said...

You're so pretty.

And oh my gosh! I totally see Abby in you!!

Misty said...

these are great shots, Jenna! you are so beautiful! Laughter most certainly suits you!

Luisa Perkins said...

There's really not much better than your laugh, but I'll settle for pictures.