Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Girl

Lyndsay's such a complete package of a person. She's so beautiful, and people tell her all the time that they're afraid of her because she's so pretty. (Girls are weird, aren't they?) They're afraid she's going to be snobby and stuck up because she's so pretty. But then they find out she's just as kind and genuine as she is lovely to look at. She's also silly and lots of fun, with the most infectious laugh ever.

But here's my favorite thing about her:

She was at the New Year's Eve dance, and I noticed that she'd left her bedroom light on. Again. No, that's not my favorite part of Lyndsay.

Then, I noticed that her room was a mess and her bed wasn't made. Again. Nope that's not my favorite part of Lyndsay.

What stopped me in my tracks was how I saw her, right there on her bed. Take a look:

All her girlie-girl stuff spread all over (THE HOUSE), as always. She's such a girlie-girl, which I love. But nope, not my favorite.

Look more closely.

A little closer! Here it comes!

Yes! There it is! She doesn't just have cute nails, she's a total nerd!

Brains and beauty. That's my girl.


Anonymous said...

hahahahha! momma i love you :) this just made my night <3

Julie Wright said...

LOVE THAT!!!!!!!! Your daughter is awesome! Beauty and brains--just like her mommy

Amber Watt said...

She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. It's true...she is "nerdy" smart. Just like her mom on both accounts. LOVE both of you!

Roxanne said...

she's def got the best of both worlds!!!

Leanne said...

Yes. I love nerdy girls! Love the pictures too.

Luisa Perkins said...

She is the BEST. That photo should have gone in her college apps. ;)

She takes after her mother. SO proud.