Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer To-Do List

I really value summer break, especially now that I'm a student myself.  All semester long, I'm thinking of things I wish I could be doing with the kids, or getting done around the house, but knowing they will have to wait till summer.  This summer will be full, since it is our last with Lyndsay before she heads off to college.  Here are some of my summer goals:

1.  Read a lot.  I have a whole pile of books I've been saving for my summer reading.

2.  Make the jam for the year.

3.  Get the kids' schoolwork organized and in file boxes.

4.  Go to the temple once a month with the kids.

5.  Start teaching Conor piano lessons.

6.  Start reading the Book of Mormon with Conor.

7.  Summer school-ish program for Conor.

8.  Go to the Getty Center with Lyndsay and Aiden.

9.  Clean out closets and drawers and donate!

10. Make a memory video for Lyndsay

11. Go through bookshelves and donate to the library.

12. Lose 10 pounds.

13.  Go to the California Science Center.

14.  Go to the Norton Simon with Lyndsay and Conor.

15.  Hike Eaton Canyon with the kids.

16.  Get renter's insurance.

17.  Back up my photos and music.

18.  Get broken things fixed around the house.

19.  Make homemade ice cream.

20.  Get kids (and me!) to the dentist.

Well, that's a start, right?  I'm sure there are more goals.  But I'm not stressing about anything.  I just want to enjoy the time with my kiddos, and the time free from studying!


Megan said...

Just ordered our $200 in Oregon berries for our Labor Day jam. Looks like a similar list to ours--minus all the fun field trips. I hope to see the list at the end of the summer with lots of it all crossed off! :)

Leslie said...

Sounds like a great summer? Is Dylan coming to visit and Lyndsey and Aiden going to Az?

Luisa Perkins said...

And you'll be doing a lot of that with me, right?

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