Monday, November 25, 2013

Boys in the House

Before I got married I wanted to be a mother of girls. I wanted 4 girls. Maybe even 6. I ended up with one (amazing!) daughter and three boys. And I love my boys. One day a few weeks ago, after I got home from taking them to school, I walked through the house and noticed all of the little boy-ness in each room. It warmed my heart.

I have children. I am so lucky. And I am so grateful that I got to have another little one, with Conor. I know that someday very soon, I will not see this evidence of play around my home on a regular basis. I just felt like remembering how Conor makes himself at home.

In one bathroom:

In another bathroom:

In the entryway: (he collects those paper towel and toilet paper tubes and uses them for so many things.)

On the living room couch:

In the dining room:

And when asked to feed the cat, he's very generous.

So grateful for little boys!

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