Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Feeling Blue, or maybe Periwinkle

Maybe it's the approach of spring, but I've been dreaming about gardens. Specifically, I've been dreaming about a blue and white garden. I love the blue, blue-ish, periwinkle, and deep inky violet flowers. My front yard is pretty much desolate and I've been thinking and planning how to make it beautiful.

This morning I actually woke up refreshed. I'd been able to sleep (mostly) through the night, and so instead of going back to bed after taking the kids to school, as I usually do, I got up and showered and decided to make use of the morning hours and the sunshine. I headed to Lowe's. I had some empty pots and I thought that prettying up the porch with flowers was a good start.

I bought all of the blue (and blue-purple) and white flowers that I could find. I tried to find taller varieties, mid-height varieties, and low-growing clumping or trailing kinds. With the exception of two varieties (the ranunculus and freesia, that I just couldn't resist) I bought flowers that should bloom all spring and summer. Most of them are perennials, but some are annuals as well.

 Senetti Bi-Color Blue and White Persian Buttercup Ranunculus

 African Daisy. Hard to tell in this picture, but the centers are blue.

I planned to fill these three pots, plus the ceramic pot on my steps, but ended up having enough flowers to fill a fifth pot as well. Some of the flowers I divided. I didn't really have a plan, I just tried to put taller varieties in the center and then mid-level and low-growing flowers around the edges. 

The white flowers I used were: Persian Buttercup (Ranunculus), Freesia, Bacopa, African Daisy, and Alyssum.

The blue flowers I chose were: Techno Heat Lobelia, Lithodora, Blue Note Pincushion Flower (Scabiosa), Blue Marguerite, Pansy, Nemesia, and Senetti Bi-Color Blue.

So, here are the pots I planted. Many of the flowers are not blooming yet, so I'm hoping that they all will be happy and settle into their new homes and grow beautifully. They all love sun, and sun is what they'll get on my porch. Plus, they make my heart happy every time I open the door.

These colors look a lot more purple-y in photos, but no matter. I love them and hope I am able to do some more to brighten things up in the front of the house. Flowers do something magical for my spirit.


B said...

I can't wait to plant the flowers in my front yard or even see the grass turn green. You gave me motivation but I have to wait until at least May after Mother's day to even think about planting. Thanks for the lift of the day.

Jennifer said...

Flowers do something magical for my spirit, too! Another lovely post, Jenna. :)

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!!

I may be a little jealous with all the snow and cold we still have ;)