Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Two Whole Decades

I can hardly believe that it was twenty years ago that this sweet girl was born. I've been a mother for two decades! It was fun to have her home for a few weeks from BYU so we could spend some time together. Plus, she was a tremendous help to me, driving Aiden to and from school and football practice, and watching the boys when I had to go to work.

We did some celebrating on the days before her birthday as well, going kayaking in Long Beach and to the beach in Santa Monica. She and I also got out old photo albums and looked back at her baby pictures, admiring her doughy thighs and squishy chub. She was the cutest, happiest, sweetest baby! I remember all those days like they were yesterday. And yet, a grown up young woman calls me 'Mom' now, instead of a little girl.

Some friends invited us to come over and swim and BBQ on her birthday, so I brought the cake with us to share.

There was a bit of a breeze as evening came around and getting all those candles lit and burning at the same time was a bit of a trick!

Twenty whole years of this amazing girl. How lucky am I?

I always ask the kids what kind of cake they want me to make for their birthdays. Lyndsay requested German Chocolate, which has pecans in it. Conor has a severe allergy to pecans, but he enthusiastically offered, "That's okay! I'm willing to die for Lyndsay's birthday." He was totally serious, the sweet thing. But since that's not an option, I substituted chopped almonds for the pecans, and it actually turned out just fine.

Here's the card and bracelet that Conor made for his sister.

And the gifts from me.

Two things I knew she'd love, but never buy for herself. I love my girl! When I was young, I always dreamed of having four girls (no boys!). Instead I got only one girl, but heaven gave me the very best.

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