Saturday, September 1, 2007

Playing Along

My cute sister-in-law, Sarah, tagged me for the Middle Name Meme, and though I have the same middle name as she, maybe I can come up with something different. Thanks for inviting me, Sarah!

L oud-Mouthed. Hey, I grew up in a very large, Italian family, and one had to be loud to be heard! Actually, this has more to do with learning to discipline my mouth than it does the actual volume of my mouth, but both could use some work. My mouth is both my virtue and my vice.

Y ogi. One who practices yoga. And though I've been on hiatus, I'm back in it, baby! I can barely walk or lift my arms to prove it.

N ympho. My husband said I should put that. It's the one thing we never fight about.

N utritionally Nurturing. I love to help other people get healthier by eating better. I love to teach my own children how to make good food choices, and I love to serve nutritional, nourishing meals. I love to nuture sick people back to health through proper food and herbs, and I love the feeling of eating a "clean" diet. Not perfect at it, but I love it.

Okay, so I have to tag Luisa because she's usually a good sport and because she's great with words, and Annette (have you already played this Meme?) for the same reasons. Thanks, Sarah! Hope I didn't embarrass you! :)


YogaNana said...

You have no idea how loud I laughed. Ask the neighbors. :o)

Good on 'ya!

Anonymous said...

AH HA! So that is why WE ARE LOUD.

Jersey water and and Italian Genes....

We have NO CHOICE!

Annette Lyon said...

Too fun! Great answers. I haven't done this one. Now I gotta get thinking. Thanks for the tag.

Anonymous said...

wow, your "N" really made me laugh hard. i didn't even see that coming!

thanks for the laugh, i needed one. kathleen

Luisa Perkins said...

Love it! I'm on it.

Anonymous said...

your "N" is still cracking me up.

thanks so much for emailing me.

really enjoying you,

Anonymous said...

hi jenna:
okay, one more for you. check out what my blogbuddy amy wrote about you in her blog. this was cute.

hope conor is all back to normal since the nut experience. take care, kathleen :)

ps. so check this out. you are getting lots of good press :) i am so enjoying you! but don't get too big of a head. it would look unnatural next to your adam. hee he