Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wacky, Wild Seven Meme

Thank you, Josi. I hope to do you proud.

1. I still have the placenta from Conor's birth in my freezer. The goal was to plant a tree, but since we rent here, I'm not sure where to plant it. But I can't bring myself to just throw it away! We were almost in luck with a Stake tree-planting service project in the Angeles National Forest, and I was going to be the weird(er) Mormon gal that showed up with her placenta to throw in the hole for fertilizer, but then that activity was cancelled. Anyone planning to do some landscaping?

2. I have very gray hair. Salt and pepper, heavy on the salt. I started getting a few grays early on, but the year my husband left, most of my head turned gray literally within a few months. So, at age 29 I began dying my hair, and now there is no turning back, even though as my roots grow in my kids tell me they like my "sparkly hairs".

3. When I was a pre-teen and would ride my ten-speed to softball practice, I used to pretend I was driving a car. I would pretend to smoke and I would talk to my imaginary passenger friend and use all kinds of cuss words to try them out, you know, to be cool. I never had the courage to cuss out loud around my friends, so I had to get it out of my system in imaginary situations. Must have worked. I never actually tried smoking, and I very rarely cuss. Well, I had one or two years when I was single that I really loved the "s" word in particular, and sometimes I use a well-pointed word in frustration, but mostly I have pretty clean language.

4. I kissed way too many guys in high school. Way too many. I'm not sure if I could show my face at a reunion. Wait, I could! Most of the guys I kissed were either younger or older than I was. But still, I regret giving away too many kisses. And I now tell my kids that if they can make it to 18 without kissing (besides on the cheek) then they get $5000.

5. I don't immunize my babies. I don't let the dentist give my kids fluoride. Most of my children have never had an antibiotic. And I think Mormon wives should have a lot more sex with their husbands. Well, now. There's some random weirdness.

6. I am obsessed with 'things to accomplish'. I love to help my kids do scouting, Personal Progress, Duty to God, Faith in God, whatever. I get such a rush out of checking things off and achieving goals. Fortunately, they do too. On Sundays after church, the kids have to do 30 minutes of scripture reading, write in their journals, and do something in their PP, D to G, or F in G books. Other goals for PP and for scouting are incorporated into their homeschool schedule. And that's how it all gets done.

7. I love Puffy Cheetos. Partly stale Puffy Cheetos, but not too stale. They need a good day of the bag being opened to reach full ripeness. And there is a proper way to eat them. You put one in your mouth and bite it in half. Put one half on each side of your mouth and suck until they collapse, then chew and repeat. It's the only way to go.

Okay! Seven Wacky, Wild, Random Things. Should I add 'desperate'? I will spare my friends the tag, but feel free to play along and let me know so I can come read your answers!


Stop and smell the Daisies said...

Jenna, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I left you a message in my comments, too.
I love your Wacky Seven! The Placenta thing, I must say, is VERY WEIRD! I, too, kissed way too many guys (but I didn't start til I was almost 17), mostly older or fact, I can't think of anyone in my class that I kissed--a few I would have wanted to...oh well.
I totally agree the with the more sex with husband.
I love that your kids are learning how to spend the Sabbath Day... I need to get my kids into that.
Fully inspirational!

Lesley said...

I saved the placenta from my last baby too. We planted it on the first anniversary of my mom's death with a rose bush which was all very sweet, but it was frozen to the chux pad it was wrapped in, so we had to pour warm water over it to dislodge it and it was kind of gross, but we also got some good laughs over it!

Anonymous said...

LOL about the placenta thing, I wanted a lotus birth with my last one so bad, but he was a cecessarian so I didn't get to.
I totally agree with you on #5 tho my littlest one is 2 and has never had a shot, and I lie everytime my Dr asks if we give flouride, I just don't want the argument. :)

Laurie said...

Okay, when I do these weird meme's, I come across as mental. When you do it, I love it! You are so funny. I love the placenta in your freezer. Too funny. I think if you've saved it this long, I'd hold out for a house and plant it in your own yard. I wish I was stronger on the no immunizations, no flouride and no antibiotics thing. I'm a slow learner. Thanks for sharing. This was fun to read!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

You're such a hoot - love your honesty.

I have a friend who used an ancient chinese recipe to turn her placenta into capsule pills which she then took a few of every day. Supposed to help with the after pains. I think that's so neat.

So with you on number seven!

Andrea "The H family" said...

Wow..your bday is the 6th! WOWSA. shhhh, I'm turning 37. Your a may baby!
I must fall into the whackyness category as I agree with much of what you said. I'm currently in negotiating with my pediatrican about our new baby. I'm not wanting to vaccinate and she's fighting me on it. Sadly..she's amazing. More to come on that front. OH--one thing: THE placenta thing. (girl..not sure I could keep that in my freezer--our freezer goes out quite often) Would not be pretty!!

Don said...

Yanno, the poor guys who don't get to kiss enough girls in high school probably wouldn't kiss any if it weren't for the gals who kissed way too many boys. I'm just sayin'...

We're with you on the shots and fluoride, but I thought I was the only one in the world who enjoyed semi-stale Cheetos.

Momo Fali said...

Send it over! I've always wanted a placenta tree.

Anonymous said...

Love how you are willing to give your kids $5K for holding off on kissing.. heck if my did that I still dont know if I would have put my high school kisses off..hahaha

Luisa Perkins said...

This post made me so homesick for you, my wacky, wild one! I don't know why you have to live so ding-dang far away.

More quality sex is the way to go. People often ask me how P & I have stayed together for 18 years; I don't often have the guts to tell them one of the main secrets of our success.

Did you ever see the SNL sketch "Placenta Helper?" So gross; so funny.

Anonymous said...

Is it only 'Mormon wives' who should be having more sex with their husbands, in your opinion? Perhaps you could elaborate on that. I've been married to the same man for 37 years. I'm not a Mormon - maybe that explains why our sex life is thriving.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. I think I will have to visit again. Loved your wacky seven!

Unknown said...

hi jenna --

the placenta one ... what a trip!!! hilarious. it could be part of a YW activity or goal planting. hehe

amen on the cheetos. i do that, too with the puffy ones when i am in the mood.

your sex comment! hilarious! true!

outa here. take care girl, kathleen