Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Busy, busy

It's hot. I don't do well in hot. But here's what I've been up to:

I have finally had a breakthrough creatively for the Christmas play that I was asked to write for a ward in Arizona. I really want it to be perfect and I was blocked for two months. Yesterday, while the baby was napping, I took out some Christmas books by the two writers that I most connect with style-wise (Richard Paul Evans and Carol Lynn Pearson) and submerged myself in Christmas to feel the "mood". And then it hit. The idea came, and I began to write in a new direction. I feel excited about that breakthrough and can't wait to see the finished product. This is the first play I've ever written. The first fiction, even, so I've been nervous. I'm hoping it's a blessed project. (Hang on, Sara! I'm trying my best!)

I finished up Anna Quindlen's Rise and Shine. I really admire Anna Quindlen. I'm reading Loud and Clear right now also, a collection of her essays. She's one smart cookie.

I began reading Stephenie Meyer's The Host. Big, big expectations, coming from my love for the Twilight books. This is very dedicated of me, Stephenie, because I am not a science fiction fan. But you did say that even if we didn't particularly feel we were science fiction fans we would like this book, so I'm taking you on your word. So far, so good. My mind has a hard time with that much imagination, but I think I'm following you.

It's hot. Did I mention that? I mention it again, because I'm currently drenched with sweat from walking with Conor in the stroller to Bank of America to make a deposit. I set a goal of hitting at least 10,000 steps every day while my kids were gone. That means that places I might normally drive to, I'm walking to. So far, I've made my goal. Yesterday, in fact I made 12,555 steps. Because I walked to the post office and home. And then I realized that I needed to go to the bank, which is right across the street from the post office. But I didn't realize that till I got home. So out again I went. And it was hot. Right now I'm only at 8188 steps and it's 6:35pm. But I will get them done by 9pm, I promise!

My BFF Anam Cara Supreme, Amber, is coming to visit me tomorrow! I can't wait to see her! Her whole family is coming, and darn it, mine is gone. But we will have fun as only we can, and on Thursday night I get her extra ticket to go see Wicked! again! whoo-h00! That means that she and I will have seen Wicked! on both coasts together! Very cool.

I'm having an identity crisis. But that's normal, right? This, too, shall pass?


Annette Lyon said...

Busy is right! So fun to hear about your writing jaunt. Sounds like the muse is right there over your shoulder.

I'm reading The Host right now, too--it's actually DH and my bedtime book right now, so it goes slowly as we read aloud. I'm not a huge Meyer fan, but I'm liking this one more than Twilight. So far. Maybe because there aren't any totally obsessive, unhealthy, and destructive relationships that I don't buy. Yet. :)

piper said...

You are a MARVEL!

Enjoy your time with Amber, and know that you are loved beyond measure.


Misty said...

Can't you use your extra steps from yesterday and carry them over to count for today? :) Oh, I guess that wouldn't be the point, hu? Are all of us non-Arizonians going to get to read your Christmas play? I love drinking up every word your little fingers type!

Laurie said...

I'm having an identity crisis of my own and I still have all my kids around. I was actually calling it my mid-life crisis but I like identity crisis better. It sounds less traumatic. If you need a listening ear, you know how to find me.

How cool that you are writing a play. I love both of those authors as well. I hope you share at least some of it with us. Have fun writing it.

I bought a pedometer thing. I haven't worn it all day yet though. Just when I exercise. I'm scared to find out how little I really do move in a day. I'm always so tired at the end of the day but I'm not thinking it's physical, more mental or emotional.

Momo Fali said...

Identity crisis? How do you have time to fit that in?

I loved Wicked! Such fun!

Lesley said...

Wow, you are busy! But it sounds like fun and creative and 10,000 steps busy, so that's good!