Sunday, August 17, 2008

He Has All the Fun

Adam works a valet job some nights and weekends. Usually it's at the Country Club, but sometimes they are hired for private parties or corporate bashes. He never knows what's in store if it's private; he's just given an address and a time to show up. Last night he worked in La Canada, the city where his ex-wife and kids live, at an address, incidentally, right around the block from them. I got this call about half an hour after falling asleep:

(whispering)"I just opened the door for Forest Whitaker!"

(rubbing sleep from my eyes and trying to focus my mind and stop my heart from pounding after the phone's ring woke me) "What?"

"This party. . .it's at Angela Bassett's house. It's a surprise birthday party, and everyone showing up is some A-list celebrity. Her friend snuck her out for the day so they could have 'girl time' and they just brought her back blindfolded for the surprise waiting at home. And I just opened the car door for Forest Whitaker."

"Holy cow! That's cool!"

When he got home at 3 in the morning there were more tales of opening doors for, driving mega-cool cars for, and talking with notables like Stevie Wonder (who showed up at 1am to sing in the backyard), Magic Johnson, and Samuel L. Jackson. What a trip! Adam's been in the business most of his life, so these encounters aren't all that new for him, and he's not a starstruck person, but he plays along for me. He just thought he was working some birthday party, so imagine his surprise! Makes for a fun evening of work. I'm not terribly starstruck, but I do think it's cool to see someone who has played a part in a favorite movie. He told me he learned something really profound that night, which I won't spoil for him because he's planning to blog about it.

So, now we have a small pile of cash on the dresser from tips given to him by famous people. Even more fun to spend!


SimzBrazil said...

Adam has the coolest job alive! Please could you email me with more details. I have a blog for Angela Bassett fans (we call ourselves "BassettHounds") and I'd love to post your story up. Thanks for sharing this!

Lesley said...

That's so cool! Tell him to get to blogging, and don't keep us all hanging!

Megan said...

Very cool! My dad was a valet when he was a grad student. It's fun to hear tales of him parking the pot-smoky cars of the Eagles and the like. My dad is so not that cool--but Adam is! :)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome night your honey had!!!

The song 'Home' you have playing is one of my favorites!

Have a wonderful night,

Krista @bits and pieces

Momo Fali said...

What fun! If I were you, I'd start tagging along just to people watch!

Abby said...

Sounds like a good time!

Hey, I LOVE your new layout (I couldn't see it on my phone haha)'ll need to let me know how to change it to something cool because my silly self can't figure it out. Ya know..when you have the time. Love you!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Maybe he should sneak you along one night on a job and you can meet all those people too . . . can I come?

Anonymous said...

Man, and I didn't see nobody cool today.

Josi said...

Okay, that it just too cool--even though I have no idea who Forest Whittaker is :-) I do know Stevie Wonder though

Unknown said...

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