Friday, September 19, 2008

Round #3, a Race, and a Breakfast

Back-to-School Night #3 last night, this time for Dylan's Middle School. Round 2 was the night before at Sean's school, but only Adam went to that. I went by myself, and Adam took all the kids to the Church for Aiden's pack meeting. It was the Raingutter Regatta. More on that in a minute.

I had to park about 1/4 mile away from the school because of all the cars spilling out of the parking lot and lining both sides of every street. My first appointment was in room 31, Dylan's first period class. It was cool the way the school set it up. Parents were to follow a mini-schedule of their child's school day, with 10 minutes in each class, and bells signaling the change to the next. Eight classes. Long night. But I was relieved and even impressed with what I saw and heard. Even though the school as a whole leaves much to be desired, the Honors Track that Dylan is in was very reassuring to me. Fairly well isolated from the rest of the school, and run by competent and experienced teachers. Even the classrooms impressed me. What a relief! And I can see that Dylan is going to be kept very busy by the course load he has. A good thing.

Aiden, meanwhile, entered his little boat, which he built with Adam, in the Raingutter Regatta. This is literally a raingutter race. The boys make little sailboats and then have to blow on the sails to push them down the raingutter river. I guess Adam gave a bit of last-minute help to two other boys that were there, and those boys ended up coming in 2nd and 3rd, which put a kink in Aiden's chance for success, but he took it in stride and had a great time.

Though he didn't win, he was given a ribbon. Every boy was given a ribbon. You know how I hate this (though it was a very good friend of mine who gave out the awards, and I fault her none). I think making everyone a "winner" is the stupidest thing ever. If everyone wins, then nobody does. Let the kids lose for heaven's sake. I've talked about this before, I know. It even annoys my kids. Dylan was really bugged for his brother. I guess they see my point that it's all just so condescending! And then in order to award each boy, the awards become so silly. Here's Aiden's ribbon for "Best Placement of Dots". That's right. Yay, Aiden.

Also, here's another easy breakfast for those busy school day mornings. I give you (unoriginal, I know, but I never claim to have original ideas). . . The Smoothie.
What I put in:
flaxseed (dump it in first or it won't get ground up by the blender well) I use a generous TBS.

vanilla (or plain) yogurt

any kind of fruit you have around. (This is especially a good way to use up fruit that's too ripe to eat, but not quite rotten, if you know what I mean. Today that involved strawberries and bananas.)

Add some ice and some milk, and if you like, a tablespoon of sugar.

I wish I took better food pictures. But see how dark it is? That's why I'm so tired! Anyway, they are yummy, filling, nutrient-packed, and easy. Sometimes the kids will have banana bread with it, or a piece of whole wheat toast. Enjoy!


Heather Moore said...

My daughters are racing boats on Saturday--it's an activity days Daddy/Daughter thing. Fun!

Sarah said...

Glad he had fun w/the boat racing!

Those smoothies look YUM! I'm going to have to try it out...when I get a new blender.

Also, I LOVE the glasses that you've served them in. Beautiful!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Oh my...yummy!

Laurie said...

I think it's hard to watch kids lose because they don't know how to lose anymore. Everything they do is rewarded so if your the one activity that doesn't reward thier work then your mean. Great dots though...:) I'm really needing some new breakfast ideas (and cold lunch and fast healthy no red meat dinners) I can't wait to try this one out this week.