Friday, December 19, 2008

Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything

When I was in high school, I had a fascination with Miss Manners. Have you ever seen how thick the Miss Manners books are? I read them cover to cover. I had an interest in etiquette, and of course I wanted to develop the quality of grace in my life, but I think on a deeper level, I loved that this woman knew everything about how to behave in any situation.

Now, all these years later I am not a social pro, or an etiquette Nazi, but I do enjoy having answers. I'm not an expert at anything. Anything! But I have picked up random bits of knowledge and experience that I love to share and feel like I've helped someone. And I have these opinions, you see. Opinions about things my husband was surprised that one could even have an opinion about! I think Miss Manners and Dear Abby have the coolest jobs. Once my dad joked with me about having my own syndicated advice column. That would be so incredibly fun! (I love telling people what to do! That's what happens when you're an oldest child.)

So, can we just pretend? Just for fun, throw a few bones my way?

A few disclaimers: You can either ask me a personal question, or for advice. I'm fine to embarrass myself, but I do try not to embarrass others. Oh, and I will not answer any political questions, so don't go there. (I try not to do anything to lose readership by offense.) You can either leave your question in the comment section, or privately email me your question, and you're welcome to remain anonymous if you'd like, but we all know it's more fun when we know who's asking.

The one problem I see with this idea is that most of my readers are smarter than I am, and probably don't have any questions or situations they need help with. In that case, maybe you have a personal question for me, or maybe you could just make something up to humor me and see if you agree with my answer. If nothing else, even if my advice stinks, at least it should provide for some good blogging!

So? Go ahead! Ask me anything! I can't wait!


Cari said...

don't know if this is what you're looking for, but here is my question:
How do you get the kids (ages 8,5,3) to pick up after themselves so that you don't feel like a servant and picking up after everyone all day long?

Anonymous said...

Is where you life still in the Arcadia California mission?

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Okay, here's one for you. Many of my family live in the same small town and we do get together quite a bit. For a long time everyone treated lateness as a joke, but is has become chronic and very annoying to me. I can plan a meal for 5:00 and have the last family finally show up at 6:30. Since we most often do potluck that means the meal arrives in spurts. No one will admit to being the late one, in fact, one of the latest people commented at the last dinner that they came half an hour late on purpose because they knew they would still beat others. We have had to leave dinners without eating because of other commitments, which wouldn't have been a problem had the dinner started in time. I tell my husband that I want to start dinners on time and we'll just eat whatever food has already arrived, but he says that is rude and would hurt peoples feelings. So what does Miss Manners have to say about this?

Megan said...

What are your healthy, warm breakfast menus? You sound like an incredible "from scratch" cook! (It doesn't have to be breakfast...that was just a place to start.) :)

Wonder Woman said...

I saw this one someone else's blog and I'm gonna ask you.

You're in a store. A sales associate is really nice and helpful to you. When she's done helping you, she begins to have a conversation with a co-worker, and they're talking loudly enough for you to hear it clearly. You helper is basically saying she'd drive after having a few drinks if she was the only one in the car, because then she'd only be putting herself at risk.

Which is clearly not true.

So do you interrupt?

Jennifer said...

nothing to do with nothing but... Miss. Manner lady looks like an old Paris Hilton. Don't you think??