Friday, December 12, 2008

Labor of Love

He grunted. Loud and low. He groaned, and he strained beneath the load. He moaned and needed a break, but there was no time for rest. Blood vessels burst leaving dark bruises on his arms. Sweat dripped from his face and down his back.

Push! Push!

Okay, not so fast! Slow down, nice and easy.

Now, on my word, push!


Okay, now hold it, hold it.

More groaning. Primal grunts, (and maybe some swear words). It just didn't seem like it could fit. But it's halfway done, so now what?

Can we turn it? Can we lift it just a bit and ease it around?

Push, push, slow it down.

Now one last time, give it all you got!

Ah, sweet relief! And here she is!

Four men. Four strong men, oozing with testosterone, (and one with love for his wife), and it only took an hour to get it up the stairs and around the landing into our bedroom. The walls were only marginally damaged. Nothing that some wall putty can't fix. Well, maybe some things that wall putty can't fix.

All that sweat, all those muscles. (Maybe even the swear words.) Kind of a turn on. It was a full afternoon. I didn't know whether to cry with the stress, laugh because of the sheer hilarity of the situation, or run from the room so I didn't have to witness death if that thing should come crashing down on top of them.

All in all:

Beautiful (HEAVY) solid wood armoire from a friend? $100

3 hours each for the labor of two Mexicans picked up on the street? $60

"furniture moving straps" that were only a little useful? $12

Listening to your husband barf his brains out in the bathroom after the exertion of lifting said armoire up the stairs with three other guys for an hour just so you can have this beautiful piece of furniture for such a steal and as your Christmas present?


Mental note: Don't ever decide you'd like it better downstairs. Ever.


Hannah said...

Ooooh! So pretty. I'm very envious. And yeah, watching your man lift heavy objects for you is seriously a turn on!

Abby said...

Mmmm strong man arms. Mmmm.

This made me remember the time I dragged that disgustingly heavy bookcase dad built up the stairs in my old house on my own not long after giving birth. I was screaming and sweating but hell bent on getting it up those stairs.

I'm sure it's a victorious vomit for Adam. Teehee. Aww poor guy! Give him a hug..maybe a smack on the butt.

Looks like a nice solid piece of furniture that'll last many years! Good choice!

YogaNana said...


And not only had you better not like it more downstairs, you had better not ever move. :o)

Josi said...

It's beautiful! and $100? Very nice. And not having to move it at all yourself--even nicer :-)

Piper of Love said...

It was a steal!

And you made me lol, I could feel the heav-hoing.

Beautiful! and what a gift in that hubby of yours.

Momo Fali said...

$100?!!!! It's gorgeous, and I am WAY jealous!

Luisa Perkins said...

Very nice!

That's love for you. Fantastic job, Adam!

Angela said...


What a great present!! He sure does love you.

I agree with your mom.. you can NEVER move! hee hee