Thursday, December 11, 2008

Real Life, Censored

My pal, Don blessed me with this award here, for being a Real-Life Blogger.

Aw, shucks. Thank you! The fact that we all love reading about other people's lives is fascinating, isn't it? Especially my life. It boggles my mind, but I'm oh, so grateful.

I try to keep it real. I'm a pretty in-your-face kinda gal, what you see is what you get. Sometimes I dance around the real yucky stuff, but we all know I'm not that sweet, try as I might. One thing I have tried to do, however, is to not allow my blog to be a dumping ground for all the garbage that goes on in my life. You'll probably never read anything about my ex-husband's latest court antics, or the nitty gritty of my financial woes. I won't bash my husband, and I won't tell you anything "interesting" that might be happening with people I know. . .who might somehow get wind of my storytelling. I'm not really a gossip, and I don't like to dwell on the negative.

But, boy, you think this is good? You should read my Journal! I better be long dead before anyone gets hold of those archives! I gotta vent somewhere! (And my husband should thank me that I'm not one of those wives that spews it all on him!) But I digress. . .

Now, as is tradition, and in the Spirit of Giving, as is appropriate at Christmastime, I now share the good fortune of the Real Blog, Real People award with these dear friends and fellow bloggers:

Misty of Rainy Day in May because she had the guts to write the story of her marriage, and split, and re-marriage to her husband. And those kinds of stories really get me. And give me hope. Thanks for keeping it real, Misty.

My sisters, Abby, Hannah, and Sarah, because they need more awards for their darling blogs, and because their blogs are so real I never have to pick up the telephone to keep in touch with them, which is good because I have no time anyway.

Piper, my blogging soul friend, because she's as real as it gets, and her vulnerabilities teach me to trust myself and love who I am, just the way I am. I heart Piper.

Luisa at Novembrance, because her "real" is my fantasy, and she shares it all so perfectly.

And then, my blog friend Andrea, who holds back nothing, heartbreak or triumph. She strengthens me in the process, and she always has my prayers.

Share the love, gals! And congratulations! Keep it real.


Misty said...

I certainly appreciate Real bloggers too... Thanks, my dear... I will contemplate on this and get a post up...

Andrea "The H family" said... touched my heart this am. (early am) Thank you sweet blog friend. I do understand the keeping it real. However, I laughed out loud at your journal comment. I'm so serious when I say this..I think I would be seriously in trouble if ANYONE read my 'writing' journals!!! LOL!!
Many thanks are equally as real and an amazing writer I might add. I do so love reading life. thank you for writing about your life. much love in Him,

Sarah said...

Awww! Thank you, Jenna! You are sweet to offer this to me! :) I will wear it proudly!

Abby said...

Awww you darling face! Thanks for the love.

Piper of Love said...

Jenna you are so generous and gracious. I'm a woefully neglegent blogging soul friend these days. But, only on the blogging bit, you're always on my mind.

I love you too. And I always will!

Thanks for the award.

ps. Misty is awesome :)

Luisa Perkins said...

Awww, thanks, my darling. I haven't gotten an award in a long, long time. This makes my day.