Monday, March 9, 2009

Goings On

Random updates:

Conor has begun his Speech therapy! Twice a week he gets to work with a therapist and he loves it. Someone that comes over just to play with him! He is talking more and more every day it seems, and we hear a lot less of the 'uh-uh-uh' that we were growing so tired of. Though he usually only puts 2 or 3 words together, he does have one really catchy phrase that he will say whenever prompted with, "Conor, you need to obey." He'll say, "We obey right away!" and it's so cute! He sounds like he has some sort of accent when he says it. I'll try to record it.

One of his favorite activities at home with me, or with his therapist, is the Mr. Potato Head. He got one for Christmas, complete with 40 accessories. He knows right where they all go. Sometimes he builds really good Mr. Potato Heads,

And sometimes he is the Potato Head, but that's got to be considered 'higher-order thinking', right, and not something to worry about? (When I found him, he had the little ears sticking into his ears too, but I made him take those out for safety's sake.)

I am loving my classes, though I have tons of reading to do today. Must finish The Eumenides
and get started in The Republic. What a great feeling it is to go to class and be on top of things. I would be in huge trouble otherwise.

I have felt strong promptings to get our "Preparedness House" in order, so to speak. No matter where you live in the country, these are uncertain times. Our prophets have been counseling us for decades for such a time as this, and even more fervently now. I am doing all I can at this point, and am anxious for the ability to do more. My focus this year has been on our 72 hour kits, both personal and family, and our water and food storage. I want to post more about that another time. Everyone would do well to take care of their family's needs in this manner.

We finished the Psalms the Bible over the weekend. It's a lot of fun to read the psalms out loud, as my dad once suggested I do years ago. Especially as I prepared for and worried over the court hearing last month, what strength it brought me to praise the Lord in the words of those poetic hymns. Now we are working our way through the Proverbs. A perfect way to start the day.

Don't forget you still have the rest of today to enter the Baby Chic giveaway! Go tell your friends that have little girls to enter! And good luck!


Annette Lyon said...

My son used to make himself Mr. Potato Head too. :)

You sound very busy--in a good way.

And you just gave me the kick I needed to finish up the family's 72-hour kits. I basically have everything we need--it's just not organized and put together. I'll do it soon!

Misty said...

Love it... My nephew is in speech too. It's made a world of difference...

Abby said...

Maddox also makes himself a Mr. Potato Head. I assume it's normal. Conor looks adorable as one, though! Awww!!! Precious little man!

Hey..what's in a 72 hour kit? Orion's obsessed with the end of the world and things of that nature (pun? no pun? not appropriate?) and I think it'd really please him if I played along. a 72 hour kit something you'll need to be able to carry with you or are we all assumed to stay home when/if something that mighty happens? Fill a sista in..I'm all curious.

Love you!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Emma and Becca do that with the Mr. Potato head pieces too. It's so cute!

Glad to hear of all the good things happening for you right now. =)

Hannah said...

I agree with the preparedness. It's important stuff.

I'm in Psalms right now. I just love it. It's a book that always calms me. Oh and Proverbs has 31 chapters, so it's the perfect book to read every month. Do a chapter each day! Good stuff

Josi said...

I've got good storage, but only 2 72 hour kits. I got to get on top of that. Thanks for the reminder.

YogaNana said...

Wow, now I'm feeling weird that it never occurred to me to put on the Mr Potato Head stuff! That's a really cute picture!

Julie Wright said...

I love the self potato head pic. That one was my fav. My son is in speech therapy too because he refuses to say his s's. he loves it.