Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lucky Birthday Girl

That's me! I've made it 36 years now!

I actually really love my birthday. They're hardly ever memorable, some are downright terrible (like on my 29th birthday, that was the only day my former husband could get us down to the paralegal to fill out paperwork so he could file for divorce. That pretty much sucked. And then how the next year, I turned 30, alone. Not so good either.) Thank goodness for friends! Every year, no matter what is going on in my personal life, I have had amazing friends remember me and bring birthday joy to my day. Kelli, Sara, Amber, Luisa, Jenn, Kortni. You girls have saved many a birthday!

Okay, the above, in italics was the post I'd started for yesterday, my 36th birthday. As I finished that last sentence, there was a knock at the door. I ran down the stairs and opened it up, and there stood Amber, my best friend from Utah, with a cake in her hands and a huge grin on her face. "Happy Birthday!" she said. I can't even imagine the shock on my face. I was beyond floored. Her husband was with her, and he'd flown to CA for work, and as a surprise to me, she decided to fly with him to see me for my birthday. I haven't seen Amber in about a year or so, and nothing could have made me happier. And see how my friends swoop in to make every birthday fantastic? It's like magic!

Amber and Kevin hung out here for a while and then took Conor and me out to lunch in their sporty (rented) Mustang convertible. They dropped me off at home and then had to get going to some other things, with plans to come back today. I even got permission from my Chemistry professor to not go to class tonight so I can hang with Amber. I'm so excited!

One of my favorite things about my birthday every year is the serenades via telephone that come like clockwork. My Dad, my Mom and David, and my longest, dearest friend, Jennifer. I got all teary when I heard her singing to me on the other end of the line. That girl and I go way back, and every year she sings to me without fail. She also sent me a sweet watch.

As a special birthday surprise, I also received notification that I am a recipient of the 2009 Pasadena City College Scholarship! Whooo-hooo! There is a reception to honor the recipients on the 21st of May, but I have a Chemistry exam that night, so I won't be able to attend. I called the scholarship office and they said they will mail my check. I have no idea how much it is for, I'm just thrilled to win it! I found out about the scholarship 2 days before the deadline and rushed to fill out the application, write an essay, and get letters of recommendation from my bishop and professor. I guess it paid off!

I didn't see Adam till about 10pm when I got home from school (we'll do a family birthday thing this weekend, with Mother's Day), but after the kids were down, he lit a candle on the cake Amber had brought me, and he sang so lovingly to me, all by himself, and then we each had a small piece.

It was sweet, just the two of us. Both on this side of 40 now. It's not so bad.

*The other thing I'd waited for all year long was the tribute my Dad would write for me on his blog, as he'd done for all my other siblings. He really made me weep. If you'd like to read how much my Dad loves me, and see some pics of me looking all homely in my childhood, click here.


Sarah said...

Jenna, I'm so glad you had such a great day! You so deserved it! Love you!

Cranberryfries said...

Happy Birthday! How wonderful to have amazing people in your life.

Luisa Perkins said...

Amber rocks! I'm so glad she could do that. Give her a hug for me.

I'm sorry I didn't call; we've been sick. I'll talk to you very soon! Happy Birthday!

Rachel Sue said...

Happy Birthday! Phone seranades are the best!

And congrats on the scholarship!

Annette Lyon said...

Congrats on the scholarship!

Your dad's tribute was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Happy late bday! How cool a surprise friend--it brought tears to my eyes because my bday was 7 days before yours and what I would have given to have a friend come and surprise me. I really need to find better friends! :) It really isn't bad when you hit the big 4-0 although I am in denial and think that you spell it this way: 30.

family said...

That was great - you are lucky to have a sweet hubby. I loved seeing that incrediably aweful pic of me - who did that HAIR!? Happy Birthday Jenna, next time you talk to Jen tell her Hello!

Turleygirl said...

Happy Birthday Jenna, how fun to have a surprise visit from Amber. Sounds like it was wonderful in every way.

Josi said...

Happy birthday, Jenna. What wonderful people you have in your life--and how lucky we are to have you. I loved your dad's blog and love the idea of tributing people on their birthdays. Something to seriously consider.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Happy Birthday beautiful lady! So glad it was such an amazing one!

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Happy Birthday to you!!

* said...

I've had my share of craptacular birthdays (for my post, the link is here:

Glad that this bday was a good one for ya! Congrats on the scholarship, friendship & awesome dad. Hmmm, now how can I convince my dad to start a blog and write an ode to me?? ;)