Friday, December 4, 2009

Something for Everyone

I have some great posts rambling around in my brain. Soon forthcoming, I promise. But today, a few links I wanted to share so you can get in on the fun.

First of all, a little shameless self-promotion. My Family Home Evening blog post is being featured today on Mormon Women! This is a new site to me, but such a great idea. It's a site dedicated to "Who we are, what we believe, how we live--a glimpse into LDS life." Anyone, LDS or not, can browse around, ask a question, or just enjoy some good reading. I was very honored to be asked to share my article on the site. Check it out!

My darling sister, Hannah, (AKA Cake Queen) is doing a 24 Days of Cookies theme over on her blog, Living the Sweet Life. Besides the daunting amount of butter she's going to go through, she has embarked on one very cool project, baking a different cookie each day up until Christmas, in an attempt to slow down and enjoy the holiday season with her children. And she's not even eating them! After tastes by her family, she's giving them away as gifts. She's the best. But bookmark her blog and go check in each day for her latest cookie venture. You'll probably see some cakes interspersed as well. I'm not really sure if she ever leaves her kitchen, but I am sure that she's got either Christmas music or movies playing all day every day to keep up her holiday stamina. We Van Sciver girls take our Christmas seriously.

Also, Luisa at Kashkawan, has posted links to her Virtual Advent Calendar from last year, when she posted art and poetry of the Christmas season, one for each day counting down to Christmas. I was stunned by her repertoire. You can go check it out all at once, or bookmark the site and visit each day for a lovely reminder of the finer things of Christmas.

And, if you still need some great ideas for homemade Christmas gifts, Scribbit has once again put together a list with something for everyone. I especially love the links to terrariums and the homemade sea glass candy. Lots of great inspiration over there!

Have some fun!


David said...

Love the first poem on the Advent calendar.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Thanks for the links! I'm especially excited about the cookies. Yum yum!

Hannah said...

Awww! You're so sweet!!

Just wait until tomorrow's cookie. My house smells divine. You have to make these ones. You just have to!

I love you!

Luisa Perkins said...

Congratulations! YOU are the FHE queen.

And thanks! I was so surprised to see myself listed. You're the best.

I am psyched about Hannah's 24 days series. Love it!

Saint Holiday said...

You and Luisa are tied as the best female writers of the 21st Century. I thought I'd congratulate you for such a glorious achievement. You're going to be very busy when the major organs of media and Gloria Allred find out. Remember where you came from, those humble beginnings by my side. OK, by your angel mother's side. I know, I know; I wasn't around much. I let you down. You excelled despite my neglect and lack of influence. Still, I love you. And moving, too.

The dadling