Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In the Garden

Remember when the yard looked like this, and all I had was a whole bunch of dreams?

Well, now they're all coming true! I have my garden beds functioning now, and grass growing! (I still do plan to put down weed mat and bark chips in between the garden beds, but that hasn't happened yet. And the bikes shouldn't be there. Sorry.)

As I mentioned, I'm doing Square Foot Gardening, so I have my grids on the beds, dividing each square foot, which is planted with various spacings. There are four lettuce plants in a square, but nine spinach plants, and sixteen carrots to a square, for example. Each square that has been planted is labeled.

I planted everything from seed. Some I started indoors and transplanted, and others I planted right in the beds once it warmed up. Here is a transplanted Lolla Rossa lettuce plant. So purty! I have five varieties of lettuce planted in the garden. So far.

Here's a square of Parris Island Cos lettuce. Three were seeds that I planted, and the other was a leftover transplant. I have spaced my plantings so everything isn't ready to be harvested at the same time.

Here is a cute little tomato plant. This one is a Gardener's Delight, cherry tomato. I have five other varieties of tomatoes growing as well. I started them all indoors and moved them to the beds a few weeks ago.

Here is a row of cauliflower plants. Snowball cauliflower. These were started indoors. I have other cauliflowers that have just germinated.

Here is a row of broccoli plants. We love broccoli! The broccoli, the cauliflower, and the peppers get one plant to a square.

Here is a square of Italian parsley. I started these three inside, and since four plants go to a square, I planted a seed in the empty spot. It should be showing up any day now. I have cilantro a few squares down.

Baby carrots! Just starting to grow, all lined up neat and pretty. I have many squares, planted at different times, of carrots. And whenever a seed doesn't germinate, I just go back and fill that spot in with a new seed.

Here are the peas! I'm so excited for these peas. These are peas that will have to be shelled, but I hope to plant edible pod peas as well. They will grow up the nylon netting that is covering the frame behind them.

And my blueberries have blossoms! This is exceptional news. I have three varieties of blueberries, and four plants. (Two of one kind.) I put them in large pots, with Azalea mix since they like acidic soil. As they grow I will repot them, but I wanted to be able to have them forever, and since we rent here I didn't want them in the ground.

Stay tuned! It's only getting better!


Hannah said...

It all looks so great Jenna!! I wanna come hang out in your garden. I'm amazed at how nice and green your grass is. I don't see much of that here. And your blueberries look very promising! I wish I could grow them here.

Watch out for cabbage worms for your broccoli and cauliflower. They destroyed my broccoli last year and I haven't grown them since. Very sad since I love broccoli.

Andrea said...

That looks awesome.
I was outside today dreaming up my garden. We're going to try square foot too. Sadly though our yard is still covered with lots of snow, so it will be awhile.

Abby said...

Gorgeous! All mapped out! I *love* how green and gorgeous your grass is, too! Man, I really need to discover my green thumb.

Misty said...

you are the envy of the blog world... I love it!

Luisa Perkins said...

You have no idea how happy this makes me!

Keeler Klan said...

So great!I can't wait to try it out! Is there a point when it's too late to plant? Kirt just got the wood to make our boxes...YAY!

Braden Bell said...

I am so jealous!!!!! I haven't had time yet to go get my stuff planted. That really looks wonderful. Great job.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

You are so joyful about this - I;m thrilled for you!