Monday, April 25, 2011

Since I Last Posted

Thursday: Before our zoo membership ran out, I figured we should get one more trip out of it. I took Lyndsay and Conor, since they were the only two at home. Conor walked the whole zoo this time, since we got rid of our strollers in the last year, and I realized that this may have been the first time ever in my life that I've been to a zoo without a stroller in the company. He was good and tuckered out (read "complaining") by the time we were done. And by the way, the new Elephants of Asia exhibit is really beautiful.

Thursday evening, we dyed the Easter eggs. I was going to skip this tradition this year, but my genes don't let me skip traditions, so even though we only had two of the kids home, I figured the younger of the two (Conor) was the one who really looked forward to it. Lyndsay had her best friend over, and we had ourselves a little egg-dying party.

As predicted, Conor really loved the whole process, and after the eggs were dry, he stickered 'em up real good. Nice and tacky-like.

Friday: Prom day! This was the LDS Prom with a Night at the Museum theme. About ten stakes do this huge prom every year for all the kids (about 700 kids go). This year they rented out the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles, and it was an amazing production. They also chartered buses to get the kids there so teens didn't have to drive (or have their parents drive out there). They had it catered and DJ'ed, and they got to dance and eat around the dinosaur bones.

Getting ready for prom is a whole day affair, did ya know? First thing in the morning was an eyebrow appointment. I got some grocery shopping done and then took Lyndsay for a manicure. My Maria came over in the afternoon with her daughter, who was going to get ready with Lyndsay. Maria and I chatted it up downstairs, and then went to pick up the boutonnieres for the guys at the flower shop. The girls got busy on their hair.

Lyndsay asked me to do her makeup, which I love to do.

After primping for what seemed like forever, and making executive decisions, like which of my earrings to wear, she was ready. And she took my breath away.

We borrowed this amazingly gorgeous dress from my beloved Amber, who has an easier time of finding modest prom dresses in Utah.

I dropped Lyns off at the church building where she met up with her date, who was just a friend from another ward. I looked around at all the other girls, but I seriously think Lyndsay was the most beautiful. It was so fun to see her and all the other kids all dressed up and excited, and feel safe knowing that this prom would not be like my proms, where kids show up drunk and leave for hotel rooms. There was even a modesty check before the kids could enter, and if needed, adjustments were made right there.

Saturday: This day began in an exhausted way. Lyndsay had gotten home from the prom around midnight and she came in to give me a kiss goodnight. I had fallen asleep (though I'd tried to stay up!) and I woke up immediately and wanted to hear all about it. So, she sat on my bed, in her big, beautiful dress, shoes off (feet killing her), and hair straight again from dancing the night away. She told me all about it, and how much fun it was. We talked for an hour, and then Adam got home--he had been the videographer at the prom, and they swapped stories too. It was just so exciting that I got a dreaded second wind and couldn't fall asleep until about 4am. But I had to get up early to get started on the cake.

Caitlin's 15th birthday was last weekend, but we decided to celebrate this weekend when the boys would be home from Arizona. She requested a German Chocolate Cake, which I decided to make substituting toffee bits for the pecans, due to Conor's allergy. (turned out great!) I needed to get the cakes baked though, so they could cool.

While they cooled, I made the Giant Coconut Cream Easter Eggs that my mom always made for us, and that I always make for my kids. No piping decoration this year though.

Then came the frosting, and cooling it completely so I could add the toffee bits and have them not melt.

Then came the lasagna dinner that Caitie requested, in which I decided to forego the ricotta and give the b├ęchamel sauce a chance. (That's a gamble I would recommend) Frost the cake, make the chocolate glaze, make the salad, set the table, get the garlic bread ready, stick the lasagna in the oven, leave directions for Adam to take the lasagna out and put the bread in, run to the airport to pick up the boys, come home, eat an amazing dinner, eat a delicious cake, clean it all up, put Conor to bed, and wait for teenagers to fall asleep so that Mr. Bunny can make his appearance. Fill, and hide the baskets.

Sunday: Easter. Wake up early and take pictures of the kids finding and loving their baskets. Start making the turkey dinner. We don't usually have turkey for Easter, but I had an extra one from Thanksgiving time taking up too much room in my freezer, so I opted to just use it. We have church from 11am-2pm, and Caitlin and Sean had to be back home by 4pm, so that meant that most of dinner had to be ready or cooking before we left for Church. I got the turkey ready, made the Lion House roll dough, and with that rising, I cooked breakfast burritos to offset the impending sugar highs. Cleaned up breakfast, had Lyndsay shape the rolls, and I made the fruit salad and peeled potatoes and cut up broccoli. Got the table set. Did a load of dishes, baked the rolls, and then stuck the turkey in the oven. Thank goodness Adam did all the ironing. He does that every Sunday, and I love it. With the rolls hot out of the oven and buttered and the turkey cooking, out the door we went to Church!

Amazing! When we got home, the turkey was 30 minutes from being done, so I cooked the potatoes, steamed the broccoli, and then once the turkey was out, I made the gravy. . .

. . .and called the kids to eat! Boy, were they grateful! The food was delicious, and everyone was happy. After it was all cleaned up, Caitlin and Sean went home, and we relaxed the rest of the evening.

Monday: That's today. Back to reality, Spring Break done! Seminary, school, piano lessons, and class for me tonight. And good news! Adam booked a commercial! For Sonic. He's got wardrobe today, and then is shooting it on Wednesday or Thursday. So, so, so grateful!


Hannah said...

Oh my gosh I am so exhausted reading that. You got a ton done!

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Anonymous said...

I have a question--do you share your coconut cream egg recipe? I wanted to eat one right off the page.

Luisa Perkins said...


1) Lyndsay OF COURSE was the prettiest girl there.

2) I'm so glad you liked the bechamel. I was worried that it wouldn't be to your taste.

3) I've been wanting that coconut cream egg recipe for years. Just sayin.'

4) I love you! You are amazing.