Friday, July 15, 2011

Room Reveal

It looks better in person, but here's a glimpse into the new bedroom for the boys with fresh paint and new bedding. Conor is loving his graduation to a big boy bed in the big boy room with Aiden, and Aiden is king of the roost on the top bunk.

There's a great big framed print on the wall over the third bed, which you can't see, obviously, and behind this shot is the dresser and the bookcase, all organized and lovely. There's a big walk-in closet in this room too, which we painted, re-organized, and used our newly found space to store 24 of the buckets of food storage that had been in our family room. That helps a lot! I still need to get a curtain in navy blue for this room, and a bedskirt for the third bed.

And then the super big surprise! Aiden and I redid Lyndsay's room too as a birthday present for her! It was so hard to keep it a secret. We did it the day after we did his room. Cleaned everything, repainted, Aiden took down and hung up all the shelving and pictures, hard worker that he is. I found the awesome Amy Butler bedding set at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and fell in love with it. You should have seen Lyndsay's face when she walked in after getting home from Mexico. She is so in love with it! It makes me so happy to make my kids happy. (And clean rooms make me happy too.)


Luisa Perkins said...

I love it, especially Lyndsay's room! You are a most excellent mom. xoxox

Hannah said...

It all looks great! I really love Lyndsay's bedding. So very girly.

Sarah said...

Aww! Great job! I love Lyndsay's new bedding! The colors are beautiful!