Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last First Day

Yesterday was bittersweet. Yesterday was the last day I will ever be able to see Lyndsay off on her first day of school. Senior year!

I remember years ago, standing in front of the big picture window in our Show Low house, watching the school bus pull up. Lyndsay and Dylan were standing next to me. We had been homeschooling already for two years. Lyndsay was reading well and doing second grade math. But that day was the day she was supposed to be getting on that bus to go to kindergarten. That day was the day we officially were doing things our way, and my babies were staying home to learn with me. We watched as the school bus pulled away, and there we all still were, together! We got right back to work at our big dining room table.

All those years ago, I had such grand plans for the education of my children. I saw bright futures for them, and I did all I could to help guide them along. Each fall meant boxes of curriculum and books showing up on our porch, one of the greatest feelings ever. I am so grateful to have had those years of learning together. I'm sure I remember much more of what we learned than they do, but those years helped to build them, not just as learners, but as people. Now they are excellent at both.

The decision to send Lyndsay to public school when she was ready for high school was a tough one, but it was a decision that I felt confirmed by the Holy Ghost, and it has been a strengthening experience for her. She has been exposed to many things I wish she hadn't, but she's also been refined and tested, and she glows brighter for it. Now she is ready to embrace this last year of high school, at the top of her game. Next year, she will have a first day of class somewhere far away from home, but home will be always be with her, inside of her, a part of her.


Luisa Perkins said...

You and I are on only slightly different pages. Today I blogged about Christian going off to college. Bittersweet, indeed.

I can't wait to see Lyndsay in just a few short days!

Heidi said...

Wow. What a milestone. She's beautiful!

Saint Holiday said...


She is so beautiful! Her goodness shines in her. I am very proud to be the grandpa of that young lady. She's just like her mother. I love you.