Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Lyndsay's home! She's finished a whole year of college with success, and gained so much confidence along the way. I love to see the growth in her. I remember so vividly how it tore at my insides to leave her there on campus, all alone in another state, and drive away last summer. I knew she'd ultimately be okay, but I also knew that it would be hard, and that she would be challenged, and that sometimes, she would be lonely. Oh, it's been so good for her! I am so, so proud of her. She's taken an intense course load (18 credits each semester) and she's risen like the cream she is. She was awarded an undergraduate research grant during her first semester, which gives her some padding to her savings account so she can spend more time in the lab and not worry about working while at school. And, she was hired as a T.A. in the Bioinformatics Lab second semester, so during semesters she has actual office hours and gets paid for them! It's so terrific to see the windows of heaven open on her behalf. She's also had some setbacks, but those have also served her well.

Yesterday was so busy. Every day is busy, right? There is always so much to do. This is my last week of nursing school, and I'm trying to get all the loose ends tied up as we prepare for graduation next Tuesday. But I'm also trying to keep on top of the homefront, which is always where my heart is. In the morning, after my exercise, I baked Lunch Lady Brownies for our Family Home Evening treat. Then I set to marinating the chicken for dinner. A laundry list of things had to happen between late morning and dinner time, and by the time I had dinner set on the table, I was tired and had not actually prepared a lesson for Family Home Evening. So, I took the easy way out and threw it to Lyns.

I asked her if she had anything from her Book of Mormon class that she could share with us as a message, and then we would eat brownies and play a massive round of Skip-Bo. Like a champ, she pulled out a picture of this painting she had done for a Book of Mormon class assignment. (The original was still with the teacher.) The assignment had been to create a piece of artwork that represented a scripture. When she read me the scripture, I teared up and felt an overwhelming love for her.

She chose a scripture (Alma 19:6) from the story of King Lamoni's father hearing the gospel from his son and from Ammon. I had never before heard this scripture taken out of context of the story, and I love that she chose it. She described how in her painting, the one flower has stretched itself into the light. I love that the flowers look like poppies, the State Flower of California, for my little California girl. I love the imagery of being "infused with joy" because of the light of the gospel and the darkness being "dispelled." That is truly what happens to the hearts of those who awaken to a knowledge of God and His love and mercy.

It was a very brief message, but so beautifully illustrated by her painting and her simple thoughts on a scripture that happened to stand out to her in a new way.

It was so nice to have someone else give the lesson, because I really needed the uplift. We sang together, "I Know My Father Lives" and then we gathered around the dining room table for Skip-Bo, and delicious chocolate brownies and milk.

A good day, a full day.


Jennifer said...

Jenna, how wonderful! Lyns is such a beautiful and talented girl. You, as her mother, have definitely brought out her best. You're my inspiration as I raise Manuela. :)

Luisa Perkins said...

What a delight!