Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Conor's 1st Grade Open House

I don't love all public school functions, but I do look forward to Open House. It gives me a peek inside my children's lives away from home, sitting at their little desks, coloring with their stubby worn-down crayons, and working so hard. I love to see all their art and writing projects displayed, and I love how excited they are to show off what they've been up to. Here's little Conor's night, as he finishes up 1st grade. (sniff!)

 Conor with his mom and dad at his desk

 Where Conor works his magic

 Nice and neat inside his little desk! (I had to look)

 His ocean diorama, just finished on Thursday. I love his little clay crab.

 Conor's most amazing teacher, Mrs. Pinkston

Last week the first graders went on a field trip to a strawberry farm. A bulletin board had been set up outside his classroom where I got to see pictures for the first time, and read his little writing sample.

 Conor got to pick his own basket of strawberries to bring home.

 This is the best picture I've seen in a long time. How sweet that these tired little guys fell asleep on the bus after all that berry picking! So grateful his teacher captured this. 

 His "stained glass window" that he worked on for days

 Conor standing inside the classroom coat cupboard. 

 With his friend Seth

 With his friend Luis

 I took a picture of this writing sample because I loved that he spelled 'erupt' exactly the way he says it: without the 'r'.

 With Danyel

 With Irwin

 With Xol
(see, kids in my classes at school never had cool names like this. They were Richard, Mike, Jennifer, and Christine.)

 Last Friday, Conor was awarded Student of the Month. And not being Mother-of-the-Year, I forgot to show up and missed it. Yeah. Right before Mother's Day. 

He also got Principal's Awards for Math and Language Arts. 

So proud of my little guy! He's definitely got a mind (and a mouth) of his own, but his heart is all gold. I adore him so very much and am grateful for another chance to have a first grader! 

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Luisa Perkins said...

Oh, I LOVE Mrs. Pinkston! SO glad Conor had her.