Friday, May 17, 2013

Organizing Children's Schoolwork

I actually completed this project over my Spring Break, but haven't had a chance to blog about it. This was one of those things that has been in my mind to do for years. Previously, I had a drawer in my filing cabinet dedicated to the children's schoolwork, and then another file in another drawer for report cards, and one for awards. But it was all so mish-mash, and I wanted to compile everything chronologically and in a way that could be added to easily as the years go by. Plus, I wanted the kids to be able to take their memories with them when they have their own homes.

It was quite the project, let me tell you. Over the years, I've only kept the best of their work. It was really something to go through and see all those old projects that I remembered helping with, seeing their progress, all of the learning and hard work, and all those memories.

One by one, I pulled out a child's folders and went through each item, putting it in the pile for the right grade (which was sometimes tricky as not everything was dated, or would just have a teacher's name on it, or I'd have to guess by handwriting proficiency, but I think I got everything correct.) These were Aiden's piles, here on my bed. He's had some very creative teachers and his projects and reports were so fun to look back on.

After I had everything sorted, I made file folders for each grade. (I got my filing boxes and file folders from Office Depot on sale earlier in the year. I love that I could get folders to match the color of the boxes! I found it was more practical for me to turn the boxes long-ways and to use legal size folders because so many school projects or art projects are a bit odd-sized.) I also made a file for ART (miscellaneous drawings or things that they'd made out of school), REPORT CARDS, AWARDS (Conor's Student of the Month and Principals Awards went right into that folder once I'd taken a picture of him with them.), and then MEMORIES (a folder for miscellany like a letter from Mom or Dad, or a drawing from a sibling).

Of course, Conor's is the easiest, since he's only just beginning his schooling! He's also the only one with a PRESCHOOL folder.

Lyndsay's is complete, since she's finished with high school. College papers are mostly done online, and they can be her responsibility, thank you very much! She really only had high school in public school, but I did have some things from lower grades when we homeschooled. I also have homeschool binders for each of the three big kids that I don't want to take apart because they're so cool the way they are, so I guess I'll either slide those into the back of their file boxes, or they will be in addition to the boxes.

Boy, was it satisfying to go through all those papers for all those children over so many years!
Made me love 'em so much, too.

And now they sit all tidily on a shelf in the closet: Lyndsay, Dylan, Aiden, Conor. A very good feeling!


Unknown said...

This is awesome Jenna!
Now I know what to do with all the boxes of school papers I have. I have saved almost everything David and Danielle brought home! I cry every time I start to go through it all and end up boxing it back up because I didn't know what to do with it all.
Thank you for sharing!
Vicki : )

Andrea said...

I think my first comment was lost? Sorry if this is a repeat.
I love it!!! Love the other folders you have other than just grades. The colors are awesome. Thanks for sharing! I will be copying this. I've wanted to do something like this for years.

Luisa Perkins said...

I TOTALLY need to do that. It would take me forever, though. Sigh.