Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Little Boy Named Conor: The First 7 Years

Today is Conor's 7th birthday, and after I dropped him off at school, I came home and spent the next few hours looking back at pictures of this little guy and life since he joined our family. It hasn't been the same, that's for sure! Conor is my only baby that came early. He wanted to be in the party. No, not just in the party, the life of the party! 

Conor is spirited, dramatic, charming, cuddly, sentimental, helpful, sensitive, tender-hearted, cautious, bold, witty, clever, bossy (or as Lyndsay puts it, "he shows leadership qualities") challenging, wise, deep, funny, maddening, stubborn, sneaky, fun-loving, competitive, and loud. He has busted his way out of my womb and into the world with firecracker energy, and a heart that is equally as soft and lovable. I cannot imagine my life without him in it, and though he drives me nuts sometimes, he also melts me in the best way. And he has given me another chance to do what I love the very most: mother.

I absolutely adore him. He is quite a character. It was hard to choose my "favorite" pictures of him throughout the years because there are so many, but here are 50ish that made me laugh, and cry, today.  

Happy birthday, Bubba Loo!


piper said...

7!? My word, how time flies. I'm so glad I got to meet him when he was a baby. I've never forgotten that, how he was and watching you with him. You are the most inspiring mom.

Congrats to Conor and you!

Sarah said...

Just beautiful...

alicewteach@yahoo.com said...

I remember Conor from Nursery when he was two.I'd cry at being a Hurdy Gurdy monkey too. Mama, he's going to hate that picture of him on the potty when he gets a bit older. Your sweet, smart boy is growing up.