Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This Kid Aiden

Today is Aiden's 14th birthday. I love this boy. I went through the pictures of him during the last year and chose some that highlight what makes him so wonderful.

Aiden can be silly:

And studious (sometimes even at the same time.)

And spiritual.

He's a gentle soul.

But he's also all boy and loves adventure.

He's a terrific big brother, and an adoring little brother.

And a very devoted and loyal son.

He's a talented athlete and loves football.

And riding BMX bikes and motorcycles.

He's the kitty's best friend. Those two are always together.

(After being gone for the summer, Aiden can't wait to come home and hug the cat.)

He LOVES the Arizona Cardinals. And the Dodgers. But mostly the Cardinals.

He's a hard worker.

And a hard sleeper.

He still willingly participates in all of my holiday traditions.

And he's a good eater. It's very satisfying to cook for Aiden. Even at 5:30 in the morning.

He loves his red Vans. He has shoes with no holes, but these ones are "like slippers," he says.

He also loves cars. Especially amazing cars. And when we're lucky enough to see amazing cars in our neighborhood, I'm the first one to take a picture for him.

He likes to cook.

And he loves his desk. He's very organized.

He's almost an Eagle Scout. He's working on his project proposal right now.

He's a very, very grateful boy. It's so much fun to give him gifts because he'll thank you for days and days.

He loves to have a good time.

He can iron.

He tried sewing and liked that too. He wants to make his own pajama pants.

He's responsible with his money.

And not only is he a good friend, but he chooses really good friends too.

I have a very soft spot in my heart for my Aiden, for very personal reasons. He has been such a comfort and joy to me, and a fierce protector of me. I love him so much and enjoy watching him grow into such an incredible person. If you know him, you probably love him too.

Happy 14th birthday, my boy!


Andrea said...

Sounds like an awesome guy. What a nice post

piper said...

I remember swimming with him and his sweet smile.

I bet you cried during this, I know I did... boys are wonderful.