Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Bedroom for Aiden: Part 1

Aiden's a pushy kind of guy, in a very sweet way. Adam's home office has been sitting empty now for a year, and it was over the summer that Aiden started hinting that he'd really, really, really like to have his own room. I was thinking maybe a craft room, but Aiden has always had to share a room, and I recognize that as cozy as I think it is with him sharing a room with Conor, he really has outgrown his twin top bunk and could probably use some privacy. I told him we'd do it gradually and he could plan to have his own room before high school.

The room needed some remodeling. I called a friend to come patch some holes, paint, and replace doors, but months went by without room in his schedule. So, I figured, it will be his room, let's let him learn how to do these things! I bought him patch kits, wall putty, tools, and orange peel texture. He watched YouTube videos and figured it out with pretty good results. Then we went to Lowe's and bought some paint. I loved that he was willing to do the work, and I loved the fact that I was saving money with him doing the work!

I also loved that he was willing to let his little brother help out.

My dad did some professional painting and taught me how to paint. I tried to pass on the skills to Aiden, but the testosterone was flying, patience was out the window, and he had his own ideas, so I closed the door and let him have at his own way. It was safer that way.

Eventually, the walls were painted and he was back to his cheerful self. A day of hard work can actually make a teenage boy cheerful, did you know? He is SO proud. He doesn't have a bed yet, but he moved his desk into the room and is patiently (ahem) awaiting Phase 2 of his new room.

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Andrea said...

Awesome that he did all the work and is getting his own room. I am horrible at painting and have learned it's better to have the experts do it. So I'm impressed!