Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day

 roses from Adam

My second favorite holiday! Of course I try to show my love every day, but I really enjoy a chance to amp it up a bit just for fun. If I were to use my romantic life as a barometer, Valentine's Days most of my life would be an utter disappointment, but fortunately, there are so many people to love, and I am an optimist. 

I love to find creative Valentine ideas for the kids' classrooms. This year I only had Conor's class to prepare for, and loved this idea I found on Pinterest. 

We set it up factory style. Adam cut the slits in the tags, I slid the rulers through, and Conor affixed the stickers.


I prepared little gift bags for my kids at home (and mailed one to Dylan). I chose special cards for each of them and wrote my love letter to them inside. Unfortunately, I had to work the night before Valentine's, so I didn't get home in time to make them the traditional pink breakfast, but I left their gift bags for them to find.

Valentine carnage.

The sweet card Conor made for me this year. I love it so much.

And though I should have been sleeping, I couldn't help but bake sugar cookies with the kids after school. (And now I can't stop eating them!)

One of the best Valentine treats a mom could ask for! Lyndsay drove home for the long weekend.

Aiden wanted to do something fun for one of his friends for Valentine's Day. She loves elephants, so we went in search of a cute stuffed friend. This guy fit the bill. We mailed him off with a card.

And she sent a card to him! Boy, did she!

A day full of sweetness.  For that, I am grateful.

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