Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Preparedness: A First Aid Kit

I've been meaning to do this post for a year! I put this super first aid kit together last year during my Spring Break after getting the inspiration from this blog post. I took the boys to Walmart and we started shopping! I love the way a tackle box can organize everything and make it easy to access supplies in a hurry.

Let me give you a tour!

Opening up the lid, I have all sorts of emergency supplies right on hand:

I have tools, like a stethoscope (I keep my good one at work, but I have this one here, plus another one in my car's first aid kit), and a digital blood pressure monitor (plus batteries). I keep my other blood pressure cuff in my car's kit.

I keep cleansing and disinfecting liquids up here: hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, betadine, eye wash, antibacterial cleaner, saline syringes, and then also aloe vera gel and petroleum jelly.

 Also tucked on top in this top compartment I have hand warmers, an ice bag, goggles, an emergency blanket, and a sling.

On the right side compartment on top I keep some tape, a tourniquet, some gauze, cotton balls, and a few saline syringes (which could be used to flush wounds or eyes).

On the left side is a digital thermometer with extra tip covers (what if I'm helping a group of people?), some bandage scissors, and a pen light.

With the lid closed, there are two other compartments on the sides.

On the left I have some glucose tabs and some sore throat lozenges, as well as my CPR mouth shield and an emergency airway.

On the right I have N95 respirator masks (which block out viruses and other airborne pathogens) and then some lighter face masks which are good for short time periods. I also keep gloves here for quick access.

Opening up the front compartment there are three cases.

The first case is for fever and pain. I keep my good temporal thermometer here, children's and adult's pain medications (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and aspirin), a mouth/dental pain kit, an ice pack, and dosage syringes.

The second compartment is for allergies, bites, and stings.

I keep bug bite/sting treatments here, along with seasonal allergy meds, and Conor's Benadryl and Epi-Pens (which I also keep in my car and my purse.)

An extra inhaler and even a snake bite kit is kept here.

The third case is for tummy and bowel problems. Antacids, anti-diarrheal, stool softener, laxatives, motion sickness, indigestion/heartburn medications, plus clean up and disposal supplies.

On the either side of the tackle box are two other compartments that I keep basic first aid supplies and wound management supplies in.

Plus, next to the case, I have a disposable gown and some other face masks slid into the space.

Also, some moleskin, which can be a lifesaver! (or at least a foot saver!)

In this case I keep a variety of sizes of bandaids, plus latex-free bandages. Also, different kinds of tapes, gauze, steri-strips, wraps, antibiotic ointment, and liquid bandage.

All of that slides right in!

On the other side, (sorry this picture is blurry!) I have other first aid supplies.

Cotton swabs, a razor, alcohol swabs,

a lighter, electrolytes, tissues, an Ace bandage, sutures,

 a scalpel, tweezers, scissors,

and some sterile gloves tucked on top.

 Having this kit brings me such peace of mind. Everything is gathered into one place, is organized, and is portable. There are a few other things I'd like to get (like a blood sugar monitor, for example), but I think it's pretty comprehensive overall.


skull.kitten said...

holy moly! you are prepared! with all the recent shakes, we finally stocked up on canned foods and water. our first aid kit is semi-stocked but you've inspired me to get something bigger.

Raelene said...

Wow. One of those would clean up my hall cupboard. Just keep Holiday out of it or I'll never find anything.

Southern said...

I was interested to see what a nurse would pack! I agree, it appears to be pretty comprehensive. Did I see an epi pen?

Jenna said...

Yep, that's an Epi-pen! Conor has very severe nut allergies.