Thursday, June 19, 2014

Two More Graduations

These kids just keep growing up. The week after we got back from Arizona we had two more graduations on the same day. Little Aiden was graduating from 8th grade, and Caitlin was graduating from high school.

At his request, I took Aiden out to the store the night before to find something to wear. He wanted to be "stylish," he said, and that included a bow tie. So we found a bow tie and a new shirt, and then he and I had quite the time in my bathroom that night as I tried over and over (with the help of a Youtube video) to learn how to tie the darn thing. It was both frustrating and hilarious, but I got it! And in the morning, it only took me four tries to do it again.

When we moved here to California when Adam and I got married, Aiden was not yet in kindergarten, so it kind of blows my mind that he has now finished all of his elementary years. He's done so well, and will be attending a very good high school (that is far away and was an issue for a bit, but we just have to figure it out as we go.)

Of course, I had some tears. No matter how many times you've seen your children grow and progress, it doesn't get any easier. The time just goes too quickly. And this boy is so dear to my heart.

Aiden with his best friend, Nick. Look like Nick's mom opted for the clip-on variety to save herself the aggravation.

I love this shot, because it was Aiden who instigated it. We were just standing there, amongst all of his friends and he came over and just wrapped his arms around me. I'm so glad he's not too cool to love his mom.

Later that night, Adam and I attended the high school graduation of his oldest daughter, Caitlin. What an absolute sweetheart she is. I just adore her, and we are so proud of her. This girl has been through so much, and this year was really tough on her, but she just continues to work hard and keep shining.

After the ceremony, Adam and I went out to a fun dinner with her mom and that side of Caitie's family. We had a great time celebrating her and eating delicious food and cake. Now, Caitlin is backpacking her way through Europe with her boyfriend, having an absolutely terrific time. We're keeping up with her through Facebook pictures and daily texts to her dad. We are so grateful that our children get to have amazing experiences. When she gets home, she'll be moving to Santa Barbara to find a job and get ready for college! Our little Caitlin!

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Anonymous said...

Your boys are so tall! Kids grow so fast we can hardly keep up with them. Caitlin is a beauty!