Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Dylan Boy Graduates

Oh, this boy of mine.

He is tangled up in my heart, and there have been some knots. But over the years, we've untied them with love and acceptance and patience.

I have really missed him these last three years. As involved as I've been as a mother, it's been strange to not have had many high school memories with my oldest son. I've missed so much, but there has been mercy in that absence as well. We needed the time apart, and he's needed space to grow. He's figuring things out, and I've been able, with the distance between us, to separate him from his actions. Him, I adore. Completely and unconditionally, I love him. His choices? Well, they haven't all been my favorite, let's say. But they're his to make, and ultimately, I trust him. He's a good, good kid. Sometimes he doubts that, but I'll keep reminding him.

It's hard to believe that another child is grown up. We drove to Arizona to attend his graduation ceremony. My dad lives in a nearby town, so we stayed with him and got to visit a bit, long overdue. Dylan didn't really enjoy high school. He tried not to attend any more than he had to, and he was really feeling burned out on school altogether. He thought he might not attend college, and rather just focus on working, since he isn't sure what he wants to study anyway. But then he found out that he was awarded the Presidential Scholarship for the local community college! He and I had worked on the essay and application early in the year, but then I never knew he actually submitted it. Turns out, he won! Full tuition, books, and costs! He was so thrilled, and I am beyond thrilled for him. He really needed that validation. So now he is excited to start taking college classes in the fall, and I am proud of him. He is such a bright, capable young man, and he can do anything he sets his mind to. I'm excited to see where his path leads.

We attended the pre-graduation party at his dad's house, which was lovely, and then we walked across the street to his school. It was nice to gather all together to celebrate this boy.

There he is! He did it!

This picture means so much to me. Dylan and I have come a long way together. I think he really knows now how very dear he is to me, how much I love him.

Oh, my boy. My heart is yours. If you could see what I can see in you. If you knew what I know about you. You have every reason to feel blessed.

As am I. Thanks for the ride thus far. You make me better.

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