Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Deep End

Here I go, jumping in.

I've decided to end my marriage.

That decision is in the very same instance both heavy and light.

Heavy, because who wants a divorce? Heck, who wants two of them under her belt? Heavy because of the failure, the broken hearts, the casualties that always befall the smallest, most innocent ones. Heavy because I've already been down this road and I'm familiar with the ruts. Heavy because I hate those ruts. Frankly, they suck.

Light, because the ruts in that road are more appealing than the ones in the road that continues on in the same direction. Light because I want to be out from under the dark secrets of this marriage. Light because there is peace at home again. Light because without all of the surviving, maybe I can work more on thriving. I know how deeply I believe in marriage, even though it's with kind of a shocking sadness that I realize I have no personal experience to justify that belief. I know how hard I will fight for a marriage and for a family. I know that I can forgive the unforgivable. I know that I will put my needs and feelings very, very last.

And I know I have.

When we separated almost two years ago, I didn't rush to the courthouse. I knew we needed a break and I really believed that break would be permanent, but I was open to every last chance. I was shocked when I felt we might explore our relationship again eight months later and even more shocked that it led to him moving back in this past May. But very soon it was apparent that as much as I love him (and I do!) and as much as I care for him, our marriage is destructive to not only the two of us, but to our children, and there just doesn't seem to be a point in putting off what has been the inevitable for any longer. After a very brief "honeymoon" period, all of the old patterns were firmly back in place. There's so much negative history that just keeps repeating itself, and it feels impossible that trust can ever be restored. The children are begging for relief and I was startled and ashamed at how my attempts to keep things together were breaking them.

Marriages are deeply personal. I don't want to betray the sacredness of our experience, even if it's ending. He is hurting and so am I. I don't need to reveal details of our downward spiral. It is enough to say that I feel like I tried my best. He probably did too.

I am choosing to not hate. I am angry sometimes, but I'm actively working on forgiveness and compassion. For him, for me. I am sick of ugly. I just don't want it in my life. I am craving peace, and am hopeful that this terrible, sad process will bring that to both of us.


Jennifer said...

I know that downward spiral well. The desperation and seeming inability to say and do the right things that would convince the other person to just be nice. You want to plead, "Be kind to me. I'm not that bad! I love you." But it only gets worse...

Southern said...

Glad to see you are back writing, it will help. I've been checking in every week or so. Sorry to hear about the misery but do what you know you have to do. I've erased my comments 3 times so far. Be brave, keep the faith, an exceptional woman requires an exceptional man, works both ways. There's the right fit for you. Be patient and don't let this pain burn you from being open to other blessings that are held in store for you. You don't have to post this drivel. I've been there from the other direction, divorced once after 20 years. Stay as positive as you can. I'm pulling for you.

Sarah said...


Praying that you find the peace you need, he needs, and your children need.

You will be in my prayers.

Andrea said...

I know that feeling too well- heavy and light at the same time. It's hard when there's no great choice. Forward and onward my friend! Wonderful things are in store.
If you ever need to talk or vent or cry or laugh... I'm here.

Anonymous said...

Hugs. Just hugs. <3