Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things That Make Me Feel Rich

1. Taking my kids to the dentist.

2. Having my carpets shampooed.

3. When the house is clean, especially the bathrooms.

4. When I can fill up the gas tank.

5. Buying a new outfit, or a new pair of pajamas.

6. Getting a pedicure.

7. When my kids have the shoes and jeans and coats they need.

8. When I can buy the ingredients for a special meal.

9. Getting the piano tuned.

10. Feeling like I loved well, and was loved well.


Luisa Perkins said...

GREAT list!

Here are a few of mine:

When I have a couple of spare meals in the freezer

When the garden is weeded

When I have new underwear

When I'm rocking my drowsy, snuggly, baby girl

Rachel Sue said...

I am so with you there. Especially the pedicure. That is what makes me feel super rich (monetarily).

In the other sense of the word, watching all 4 of my children in the same room, at the same time, with no screaming, fighting or yelling. Those moments are my little bits of heaven.

Emily said...

Thats pretty much what makes me feel rich too.
Thanks for reading my blog. It meens alot to me.


Julie Wright said...

A clean house totally does it for me. I so get that!

isshou ni said...

When my kids say "I love you mom" all on their own

an uninterrupted bath!

Reading a book just for fun!

New clothes of any kind

watching my husband play with the kids

New shoes for my kids-great DI shoes for me!

a clean house that my kids helped clean without grumping!

* said...

ooooh! I love this post.

I love getting a pedicure and had my first one last month. I've covered my fuschia toes w/white flowers & gems again and again in clear polish & they still look awesome.

Here's a few of mine:
A new pair of heels
A weekend getaway
A lunch out with friends
Buying a few half-gallons of ice cream in 1 shopping trip

And a clean house is somewhere at the top!

YogaNana said...

I don't recall ever feeling *rich,* exactly, when you kids were home, but some of these same things made me feel ... safe. Something more like that. Snug. Filling up the gas tank, yes. Having the utility bill paid up. Carrying in enough groceries and having been able to buy lots of produce. Knowing all of you had shoes and coats before the weather turned cold was a big one. Counting the pings on cooling jars of peaches or applesauce was another.

Shellie said...

Does it cost much to get the piano tuned? My piano has some stuck keys...