Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Accounting

Well, here is that Summer To-Do List I made way back in June.  And you can see how I fared.

1.  Read a lot.  I have a whole pile of books I've been saving for my summer reading.

2.  Make the jam for the year.

3.  Get the kids' schoolwork organized and in file boxes. (started)

4.  Go to the temple once a month with the kids.

5.  Start teaching Conor piano lessons.

6.  Start reading the Book of Mormon with Conor.

7.  Summer school-ish program for Conor.  (eh)

8.  Go to the Getty Center with Lyndsay and Aiden.

9.  Clean out closets and drawers and donate!

10. Make a memory video for Lyndsay (started)

11. Go through bookshelves and donate to the library.

12. Lose 10 pounds. (well, lost 6, gained 4, lost 2, gained 2, lost 2: so, only 4lbs down, but I'm not giving up!)

13.  Go to the California Science Center.

14.  Go to the Norton Simon with Lyndsay and Conor.  (And the Perkins family!)

15.  Hike Eaton Canyon with the kids.

16.  Get renter's insurance.

17.  Back up my photos and music.

18.  Get broken things fixed around the house.

19.  Make homemade ice cream. (I bought the ingredients!)

20.  Get kids (and me!) to the dentist.

So, progress.  But still a list of things to do.  

I did other things though.  Like, took a trip to Mesa very unexpectedly so that my daughter could say goodbye to her beloved Pop-Pop before he passed away, and then helped her deal with that. (The boys were already in Arizona.)

Took a Mother/Daughter trip with Lyndsay to Las Vegas and had a blast together.  Celine!  (I don't think I blogged about that.  I should!)

Was able to take Conor to swimming lessons for several weeks when the Perkins family moved here.  

Canned tomato sauce and salsa. 

Celebrated Lyndsay's 18th birthday in Beverly Hills.  (I don't believe I blogged about that either!)

Planned the week with all of my children home, and had a great time with everyone.  (Whew!)

Successfully got Lyndsay off to college.  And am surviving.  

Boy, it's been some kind of summer.

But tomorrow morning I start back at school.  My third semester of the nursing program.  I guess I'm ready.  I mean, I'd prefer to hang out just being Mom around here, but it's time to kick it into gear for the final year!  

Here we go!

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Luisa Perkins said...

You did get a lot done! You probably would have accomplished more if I hadn't been bugging you all the time.