Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Break Project: Organize Bathroom Drawers

What a fascinating blog post, right? 

Maybe it's the transitional period in my life right now, being on my own again, or maybe it's the ritualistic Spring Cleaning bug, but I have had the Urge to Purge! I'm not a messy person, or even a pack rat, but over the years, stuff accumulates. This morning after taking the boys to school, I decided to dejunk my bathroom drawers. From my years in Mary Kay, I have a lot of cosmetics, and much of it had gotten old, or wasn't being used. In the spirit of simplification, I decided to just pare down. 

I emptied the drawers, washed them out thoroughly, and then sorted everything in them. What I decided to keep also got washed. 

The black case holds most of my makeup brushes. I have my Bare Minerals brush in the plastic cover there, and that sad little broken brush, that I just can't part with yet. Not until I get a new one, at least. It's my blush brush. Then I have my organizer, which has been washed and bleached, which holds the bulk of my makeup. 

I have these two compacts that hold other colors, which fit right on top, out of sight.

The second drawer holds hair accessories (which I don't use that often) and nail care items.

The bottom drawer was jammed with products that never got used. I kept only what I want to use. This is where I keep bath or spa type items. Lotions, bath salts, shower gels, etc.

As I dejunked, I filled two bags. This one with trash.

This one with things that I will offer to donate to the teen girls at Church. Body sprays, perfumes, nail polishes, things like that. Whatever they don't want, I'll toss. 

Even that little project did so much good for my spirits. I really want to continue to work my way through those hidden spots in my home and declutter. It feels so good to eliminate what I don't need or use.


Nancy said...

Nice job! You have motivated me to do the same.

Shawna Fletcher Pidge said...

Ok, I am inspired!!! Gonna do my bathroom today. You also inspired me to get all of my medical "stuff" re-organized and inventoried. I went to Walmart Wednsday evening and bought the same tackle box you did. I love it! And now, if anyone needs a splinter removed, or laceration stitched up, or appendix taken out (HA!), I am all ready to go!

Luisa Perkins said...

I so love periodic de-junking. It lifts my spirits.