Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day

The star on the top means it's time for Santa to come! And thank goodness he did this year. Santa always pulls through, even when it seems impossible in November.

Notice that the kitty found a temporary cozy place until he can get himself back under the tree.

Scenes from a sleepy Christmas morning:

(Conor bought Dylan a box of Slim Jims.)

Yes, more Legos.

And a bigger-boy version of Moby Dick! (Working up to the real thing.)

This was one of my favorite ideas this year. Several of the kids asked for money. Dylan is trying to save for a car. I didn't just want to hand him cash, so I thought of this way to give it to him:

A beautiful wall quilt from my mom!

Adam took Conor shopping for me. He told his dad he wanted to get me something to organize with and Adam said he searched and searched until he decided on this expandable drawer organizer. I actually really needed this! My boy knows his mama!

Sean and Caitlin came over later and opened presents. Adam wrapped $2 bills up in an entire roll of paper towels for Sean.

And for Caitlin? One of the best ideas I've ever had.

Gas Relief. She was definitely confused. She said, "I don't have a problem!"

But when she opened it up, she saw the joke. Gas cards! Every driving teen needs some gas relief!

A house full of happy kids.

All six of them together!

 Love this boy!

You blink, and then they're huge. That's how it happens.

That afternoon, we got to drive out to the Perkins' home and spend a few hours with them. And let me offer you some advice: If you ever find yourself with the entire Perkins family, ask them to sing for you. And then tell them not to stop. Ever.

By Christmas night, I was blissfully exhausted.

And so completely content.

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