Monday, December 30, 2013

Graham Cracker Houses: A Beloved Tradition

It must happen every year, you know. And it just gets bigger and better. This was the first year that Adam and I did not make our own houses, because Lyndsay wanted to invite her boyfriend and his brother over to participate and I wanted to be sure we had enough ingredients.

First, the prep work: Lyndsay made our foundations.

Aiden laid out the candy and supplies.

And I made three batches of royal icing.

Beginning construction:

This was a first for these boys, so Lyndsay carefully demonstrates techniques.

Dylan and Aiden go for big and complex graham cracker architecture. One of them may have had a small meltdown halfway through and almost crushed his house, but thankfully, the crisis was averted.

I love how they each come up with different styles. Well, except for Lyndsay. Hers is pretty much the same variation on a theme each year. But why mess with a good thing?

I love Conor's faces when he's hard at work.

And his ingenuity. Here he is adding a Dorito window.

Dylan prefers the construction to the decoration, so he enlisted my help with that part.

He also has a thing against a normal face for pictures.

Conor's work of art:

Lyndsay's pretty house:

The aftermath. Oh my.

Aiden wins the prize this year, I think. If there was a prize, that is.

And here is Braulio's first-ever graham cracker house:

I loved his icicle detail.

And Brando's. Nice work!

Our little village! The tradition lives on! (And so glad to have Dylan's house in the neighborhood this year!)

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