Monday, August 17, 2009

Farewell to Two

This is Conor on his last night of being two.

It was kind of emotional for me, loving two as I do, and as bonded to my heart as Conor is. Two was a good, long year. On his last night being two, after his bath, and as he was dressed in his "Buggo Jammies" (named for one of his favorite games), I read him some stories, we said his prayer, and then I snuggled him in his bed.

"You know," I whispered to him, my face close to his, and as he ran his fingers around my face giving me tickles, "this is the last night that you are two. That means I have been your Mommy for three whole years, and you have been my baby for three whole years."

He stopped the tickles and placed both hands on my cheeks.

"Tomorrow you will be 3! But will you still be my baby forever?"

"I will," he said. "You make me a birthday cake?"

"I will," I answered. "With a dinosaur. Just for you."

"Just for me," he whispered in echo, and then snuggled into his blanket, thumb in mouth.

Yesterday we celebrated Conor's 3rd birthday. He was so grateful that everyone had come to his "party", meaning his Dad, his Mom, and all his siblings. "Thank you for coming to my party," he kept saying to each of us.

He sang along to himself on "Happy Birthday" and when it got to 'Conor', he sang 'Conor James', which was cute. And he spit the candles out perfectly.

And he got Batman toys, because he loves Batman. (I'm not sure why since he's had no real experience with Batman anything, but somewhere he heard the word, and a 'guy' was involved--he loves 'guys'--and it stuck. His Uncle Ethan would be proud.)

He's a happy little guy.

And now he's 3.

One never knows for sure, but it might be a very long time (grandchildren) before I get to see 2 again, and that's kind of sad for me. Probably almost as sad as saying goodbye to 3 for a season will be next year.

But until then, I'm lovin' every ounce of 3.


Don said...

Wow - great cake!

Our little gal is a Spiderman fan, although I swear she's never seen more than 30 seconds of any Spiderman show. These things just happen, I guess.

Happy Birthday, Conor!

Widge said...

My youngest is about to turn 3 too..all she wants is a cake when asked what she would like for her birthday. so simple and special for them, puts things into perspective a bit.
Happy Birthday to your little man xo

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

That cake is just amazing looking!

Becca turned three this year and it really hit me...the bittersweetness of her growing up and all. Mostly sweet, yes, but even so...

* said...

My youngest turned 2 in May and is creeping towards 3. Cute dinosaur cake. Sweet memories, sweet Conor, sweet mama you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Conner Boy! Alex was HUGE into batman when he was the same age. Batman bedroom, toys (many of which we still have in storage) and even for Halloween. Batman PJ's too. Alex will be so proud of Conner.


ps. AWESOME cake!

Abby said...

You're lucky I wasn't there because I would have scooped the butterfingers off and eaten them all! Mwa ha ha ha!!! Yum yum! I'm classy like that.

Totally adorable cake..and boy!

Love you, Conor!

Rachel Sue said...

That is an awesome cake. I'm totally impressed.

And I mourn a little every birthday too. . .

Hannah said...

Awww! Happy Birthday to the young one. You kicked that cake's butt Jenna.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Conor!

I think (if I remember correctly, and I'm pretty sure I do) I cried on Rylie's last night of being 2. I was pregnant w/Alyssa and I remember laying on Rylie's bed with her singing to her as she fell asleep and I was so sad that my baby was growing up so fast and that in less than 3 months, she wouldn't even be my baby anymore. It really made me sad! Funny though, I don't remember having any emotions of sadness when Trenton was turning 3.

Awesome job on the cake, Jenna!

YogaNana said...

Two is one of my favorite years, too. So is three, which is why is always loved to teach Sunbeams.
But let's see, Lyndsay is 15 ... :o)

Happy birthday to Conor once again -- and that cake is too cute for words!

Anonymous said...

it's just around the corner for Keaton as well - you always seem to put into words exactly as I feel. Happy Birthday Conner!