Monday, August 9, 2010

Harvest Monday

The tomatoes are really doing their thing out back and it's about to be overwhelming. I just made tomato sauce last week with all of the ripe Romas, and this morning I harvested many, many more pounds. Guess what I'll be doing this week?

Also, the first Black Krims are coming ripe, and my first Spear's Tennessee Greens, which are a lovely neon green color. We have a few zucchini, which I'll probably grate and freeze, and a few straggly green beans, which I'll blanch and add to the freezer bag. No waste!

We've had two Ambrosia cantaloupes so far, and if they are not the most divine thing I've ever tasted! There are several more just about ripe, and others in smaller stages. I only planted four plants, so I'm interested to see how many total melons that will bring us.

And surprise, surprise! Today I spied the first baby watermelon! This is my first year ever planting melons, so I'm very excited. The pumpkins are taking off too!

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Saint Holiday said...

Excellent! Maturz! Isn't it fun? I tried a new squash recipe, which didn't work out. Disastor. The Lovely One, bless her heart, tried not to let on that it was vile, but the look on her face when she chewed, and the sounds she was making (kind of pre-vomitous) gave it away. I slow-cooked the sliced squash in a crock pot with orange juice, maple syrup and cinnamon. Then I mixed it all up with white rice. It wasn't really what you'd call "pleasing to the eye," and that should have been a clue that it was horrid, like the crap that fat, bald guy on TV eats in Asia. He acts like he's eating fruit from the Tree of Life, but I know he pukes after every bite. They just edit it out. Anyway, I don't recommend the recipe I tried. I doubt my skunks will eat the flushables we scraped off our plates. I love you.

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